Zoom presents its new products at Integrated Systems Europe to transform business collaboration.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. presented at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the world’s largest AV systems integration fair, its latest innovations to transform modern business collaboration. In this way, Zoom continues to evolve and expand the capabilities of its unified communications platform to become an integral element of business collaboration, especially in the context of a dynamic hybrid work environment. In a world where workplace flexibility has become essential, communication and collaboration tools play a crucial role in the evolution of work models.

With all the anticipation surrounding generative AI, people are starting to truly evaluate how artificial intelligence (AI) can help transform their everyday experiences and open up new possibilities for our way of living and working. In this sense, Zoom has led the transition, anticipating and responding to the growing demands of the market, evidencing its constant commitment to improving business collaboration and team efficiency, and demonstrating that its platform not only helps facilitate the planning and management of meetings with stakeholders, but also improves efficiency and connection by introducing significant innovations.

Among the innovations developed by the company in the last year is Zoom Docs, a comprehensive solution for documentation, wikis, and work management that offers a next-generation collaborative space integrated into the Zoom platform. Designed to go beyond traditional documents, Zoom Docs uses artificial intelligence to accelerate workflows, facilitate project organization, and collaboration, simplifying the experience and eliminating the need to switch between applications and browser windows. Zoom Docs allows for optimizing productivity and keeping all work in a single collaboration hub accessible from any platform.

Additionally, Zoom recently announced the launch of Zoom AI Companion, a generative AI digital assistant that, in just two months, has generated over a million meeting summaries, being used by more than 125,000 users. The most outstanding capabilities are intelligent summaries in Meetings, simplification of contextual drafting in Team Chat, boosting idea generation in Whiteboard, and drafting email drafts and meeting summaries suggestions in Zoom Mail and Phone. These constant improvements, such as the “In-Meeting Questions” function in 32 new languages and future capabilities such as meeting preparer functions by voice analysis in Smart Recordings or the inclusion of AI Companion in Zoom Events, make Zoom consolidate as a comprehensive tool for paying users.

Regarding the user experience and employee engagement, the acquisition of Workvivo stands out, which has strengthened communication and participation capabilities, while tools like Workspace Reservation and Huddles offer intuitive solutions for the hybrid workforce.

In the field of Customer Experience (CX), Zoom’s solutions have experienced notable advances, such as the introduction of AI Expert Assist for customer service agents and integration with Meta (WhatsApp and Messenger), demonstrating a continuous commitment to facilitate customer service through channels preferred by users.

These improvements not only demonstrate Zoom’s constant dedication to meeting the growing demands of business collaboration but also anticipate the future of hybrid work. The company continues to grow and evolve away from the simple concept of a video calling platform, becoming an integral collaboration tool that anticipates and drives the future of hybrid work, providing companies with the necessary solutions to thrive in a changing workplace environment.

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