VMware promotes the deployment of artificial intelligence in Private Cloud.

The VMware Explore 2023 conference in Barcelona has been the setting for an emphatic proclamation: Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) must be private. In a context where the projection of business related to GAI promises to reach stratospheric figures, VMware is outlining a future in which privacy and data control are non-negotiable.

Data Sovereignty as a Cornerstone

VMware proposes a paradigm where organizations not only use advanced AI, but also exercise complete sovereignty over their data. This approach finds its cornerstone in the concept of Private Cloud, which promises to become a key differentiator for companies looking to innovate while maintaining control over their most sensitive information.

The Advantages of Private Cloud in AI

  1. Enhanced Security and Privacy: In the Private Cloud, companies can host their AI solutions in their own data processing centers (DPC), ensuring that confidential information does not move to public cloud environments, where it could be more vulnerable to unauthorized access.
  2. Facilitated Regulatory Compliance: With increasing regulatory uncertainty and the emergence of new data protection regulations, companies can more easily navigate the legal landscape by maintaining their AI operations within their own infrastructures.
  3. Cost Reduction: According to VMware executives, operating in a Private Cloud with GPU can be significantly more cost-effective than doing so in the public cloud. This is due to the energy efficiency and resource optimization that can be achieved in a controlled and customized environment.
  4. Customization and Control: Using Private Cloud allows for deeper customization of the infrastructure and AI solutions, giving companies the flexibility to adjust systems to meet their specific needs.
  5. Optimized Performance: The ability to closely align the underlying infrastructure with the requirements of AI workloads means that companies can optimize the performance of these applications, improving efficiency and speed of inferences.

Impact on Corporate Strategy

VMware’s proposal for private GAI and the expansion of its VMware Sovereign Cloud to more than 50 partners underscores the importance the company places on corporate autonomy in the digital age. With tools and partnerships that facilitate the transition to private AI solutions and with the backing of technological partners such as Intel and IBM, VMware is putting the capabilities of advanced AI within reach of companies without compromising the integrity and privacy of their data.

Looking to the Future with Confidence

In the context of a constantly evolving technological industry and with an eye towards successful integration under the umbrella of Broadcom, VMware demonstrates with this strategy its commitment to responsible innovation and a long-term vision for the deployment of AI solutions in the business world.

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