VMware Private AI: New collaborations with Intel and IBM

After decades of development and growth in a niche, Generative AI and the adoption of AI/ML have reached mainstream status. McKinsey projects that the impact of Generative AI on productivity could add an equivalent of 4,000 trillion euros to the global economy. However, data privacy for businesses remains crucial.

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (AI/ML) has achieved dominant status in the tech sector. VMware, known for its innovation in cloud and virtualization solutions, has taken significant steps towards integrating AI into its services. This includes its recent integration with Broadcom.

In August 2023, at VMware Explore in Las Vegas, VMware announced VMware Private AI and VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA. Today, VMware is pleased to announce the expansion of the VMware Private AI ecosystem with two key partners.

Collaboration of VMware with Intel: Unlocking AI for All Organizations

Background: VMware and Intel have maintained a collaboration for over two decades, focused on innovative capabilities from the data center to the cloud.

The New Initiative: This collaboration has been extended to encompass AI, with the goal of making it accessible to all organizations. Companies can now leverage Intel’s AI software suite, which has been validated on VMware Cloud Foundation infrastructure.

Key Benefits:

Privacy and Security: The architecture of VMware Private AI, aligned with security integrated into VMware Cloud Foundation, allows for the construction and deployment of private and secure AI models.

Improved Performance: The inclusion of 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Max Series GPUs, along with Intel’s AI software suite, promises outstanding performance in AI applications.

Practical Implementations:

AI Models Everywhere: The ability to deploy AI models in on-premises and cloud environments.

Efficient Workload Management: Improvements in AI workload management through tools like vSphere’s Distributed Resources Scheduler.

VMware Private AI with IBM: Bringing Watsonx to On-Premises Environments

Strategic Collaboration: This partnership between IBM and VMware is focused on bringing IBM’s watsonx platform to on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

Objectives and Benefits:

Secure Private AI Models: The collaboration enables the creation of AI models that respect enterprise privacy and security.

Training and Deployment of Models in Diverse Environments: It facilitates training and fine-tuning of AI models in both on-premises and IBM cloud facilities.

Variety of AI Models: It offers access to open-source and proprietary IBM models for a wide range of AI applications.

Architecture and Use:

Complete Architecture: Based on VMware Cloud Foundation and Red Hat OpenShift, integrating IBM’s watsonx capabilities.

Versatile Use Cases: From code generation to improving contact center experiences and automating IT operations.

Wider Implications and the Future

Impact on Productivity: McKinsey estimates that Generative AI could add over 4,000 trillion euros annually to the global economy, significantly transforming business operations.

IBM Consulting: IBM Consulting, with its Generative AI Center of Excellence, brings a level of specialized expertise in combination with VMware’s specific solutions.

Business Transformation: The integration of VMware Private AI into IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator’s reference architecture promises to accelerate the move to hybrid cloud.

Renewal and Growth: With these collaborations, VMware is positioning itself to lead in the implementation of native AI in a variety of enterprise environments, while maintaining control and compliance over data.

In conclusion, the expansion of the VMware Private AI ecosystem with Intel and IBM marks a milestone in the evolution of AI in the business environment, promising a future where AI is accessible, efficient, and secure for all organizations.

via: Blog vmware.

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