Turner Construction (ACS) will lead the construction of a data center for Meta in Indiana.

The construction and technology sectors are about to experience a major breakthrough in Jeffersonville, Indiana, where Turner Construction Company, a subsidiary of ACS Group, has been selected to carry out a large-scale project for Meta. This project involves the construction of a hyperscale data center campus, an infrastructure that will be integrated into Meta’s global network and promises to be a milestone in the region.

Dimensions and Scope of the Project
The project, scheduled to begin this month, will cover an impressive area of nearly 700,000 square feet. This campus will not only be a collection of data center buildings but also represent a substantial investment of over $800 million. Additionally, it is estimated to create jobs for approximately 100 workers, thus strengthening the local economy.

Focus on Sustainability and Efficiency
The construction of the data center will focus on three fundamental pillars: efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. Turner Construction Company plans to use state-of-the-art prefabricated modular equipment and assemblies to ensure efficient construction that is tailored to future needs.

Once operational, the Jeffersonville data center will run exclusively on 100% renewable energy. This will be achieved through strategic investments in renewable energy projects. Following in the footsteps of other Meta data centers, this new campus is expected to achieve LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, a recognition that underscores its commitment to environmentally responsible construction and operation practices.

Community Impact and Collaboration Opportunities
Dan Harmon, Vice President and General Manager of Turner Construction Company, expressed his enthusiasm for the project and the positive impact it will have on the local community. At the peak of construction, the site is expected to accommodate more than 1,250 workers per day, demonstrating the significant economic and social impact of the project.

Turner Construction has invited interested companies to participate in this ambitious project, offering opportunities for local and regional contractors to be involved in the construction of this important data center. Interested parties can find more information and requirements on the Subcontractor Prequalification page on the Turner Construction website.

In summary, the Jeffersonville data center project for Meta, led by Turner Construction Company, is not only a significant technological advancement but also a driver of economic growth and a model of sustainability in the construction sector. With this project, Jeffersonville is positioning itself as a key point in the global technological infrastructure and the implementation of sustainable solutions in the field of data centers.

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