The United States uncovers a large network of Russian bots spreading questionable information.

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has dismantled a significant network of Russian bots that used artificial intelligence (AI) to create over 900 fake profiles on social media platforms in order to spread misinformation about the war between Russia and Ukraine in the United States and other countries.

Operation Disinformation with AI

The sophisticated operation used AI to create fake profiles, mainly on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter), posing as American citizens. These profiles would post messages in support of the war in Ukraine, including videos of President Vladimir Putin justifying Russia’s invasion and promoting other pro-Kremlin narratives.

Involvement of Russian State Media

The DOJ investigation revealed that an unidentified editor from RT, the Russian state-owned media outlet, was behind this propaganda campaign. Furthermore, RT’s senior management had endorsed the use of this bot factory to “distribute information on a large scale.”

Impact and Actions Taken

Although the DOJ has not determined how many people followed or engaged with the fake content generated by AI, the X platform has suspended the fake profiles for “violations of terms of service.”

Context and Future Concerns

The Kremlin has long used fake social media profiles to spread misinformation and propaganda. However, with the rapid advancements in AI, which allow for the creation of realistic yet false images, text, audio, and videos, this practice is becoming increasingly common. Recently, both Meta and OpenAI have identified campaigns, some linked to Russia, using AI to manipulate public opinion and spread misinformation.

Statements from Experts

A DOJ spokesperson stated, “The use of AI to create fake profiles and spread propaganda is a growing threat to national security and the integrity of public information. We will continue to investigate and dismantle these operations to protect our society from manipulation and disinformation.”

The discovery of this bot factory underscores the urgent need to develop and implement better security and detection measures on social media platforms to combat AI-driven disinformation.


The dismantling of this operation of Russian bots is a crucial step in the fight against global misinformation. As AI technology advances, it is essential for both authorities and social media platforms to strengthen their strategies to identify and neutralize these threats.

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