The UN launches the first real-time data observability platform.

The world of technology and cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and ONUM, an innovative real-time data observation platform, is ready to transform the way businesses manage and understand their data. Founded by technology and cybersecurity experts Pedro Castillo, Lucas Varela, and Pedro Tortosa, ONUM promises to provide a unique solution that will help IT and security leaders turn any company’s data chaos into valuable insights.

ONUM has been in development since 2022, driven by an initial $12 million funding round led by Insight Partners and Kibo Ventures. The platform stands out as the first of its kind, capable of observing and orchestrating data in real time, an unprecedented achievement in the current technology market.

For over 15 years, companies have relied on data analytics platforms to understand critical information such as network latency, potential security threats, and the possibility of disruptions. However, the exponential growth in the amount of data generated by devices worldwide has posed a considerable challenge. Data has become increasingly overwhelming, and IT security administrators struggle to distinguish the signal from the noise.

Data orchestration platforms were developed to address this problem by reducing, enriching, normalizing, and optimizing data. Although these platforms have improved efficiency and reduced costs, they still face a significant limitation: they cannot perform real-time observations. This means that companies may lose valuable time making decisions based on data that may contain warning signals.

This is where ONUM makes a difference. It presents itself as the world’s first truly agnostic Edge data observation platform. ONUM can collect any type of data from any source and process it in real time. This provides greater control over the data, allowing companies to make faster and more effective decisions. Furthermore, as data is collected and observed, ONUM can send alerts about anomalies, potential issues, and security concerns in real time. It also offers audit and compliance controls to ensure that customers are aware of what data is being sent to each platform, when, how, and why.

Pedro Castillo, one of the founders of ONUM, has announced that the company plans to start its commercial activity with national clients in the short term. However, they have broader ambitions for the future. Next year, ONUM aims to expand from Spain to all of Europe and the United States.

Co-founders Lucas Varela and Pedro Tortosa have also shared their plans for the future. They hope that by 2024, ONUM will add more features and directly related characteristics with Artificial Intelligence and a Marketplace of applications on the ONUM platform. This demonstrates ONUM’s commitment to staying at the forefront of constantly evolving technology and cybersecurity. In summary, ONUM is ready to revolutionize real-time data observation and change the way companies manage their most valuable assets: their data.

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