The Treasury strengthens digital security with the new Cybersecurity and Data Protection Center of the Tax Agency.

In a strategic move towards strengthening digital security and protecting taxpayer data, the Ministry of Finance of Spain has announced the creation of the Cybersecurity and Data Protection Center within the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT), along with the Central Unit of Taxpayer Assistance Systems. This announcement, published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), marks a milestone in the AEAT’s cybersecurity strategy, responding to emerging challenges in the digital environment.

A Commitment to Security and Innovation
The Ministry of Finance reaffirms its commitment to the security of tax information and compliance with regulations on personal data protection, cybersecurity, and critical infrastructures. The creation of these new specialized bodies aligns with the objective of enhancing the AEAT’s response to the challenges posed by the growing digitization of services and interaction with taxpayers.

Main Functions and Objectives
The Cybersecurity and Data Protection Center will focus on defining and maintaining action plans to ensure the recovery of IT services. Additionally, it will play a crucial role in managing incidents related to information security and promoting a culture of cybersecurity through training and awareness among all users of the AEAT’s information systems.

On the other hand, the Central Unit of Taxpayer Assistance Systems will be responsible for developing and implementing the information systems necessary for internal management and taxpayer assistance. This unit will play a fundamental role in ensuring the integrity, accuracy, and updating of the information accessible through the AEAT’s electronic headquarters.

Impact on Tax Management and the Digital Economy
This effort by the AEAT represents a step forward in adapting tax management to the needs of the 21st century, ensuring that both citizens and businesses benefit from a secure, efficient, and accessible tax system. The creation of these entities not only improves the services and security offered to taxpayers but also prepares the AEAT to face future challenges, fostering confidence in the country’s tax and economic ecosystem.

No Increase in Public Spending
Emphasizing its commitment to efficiency, the Ministry of Finance has ensured that the implementation of these measures will not imply an increase in the AEAT’s budget expenditure. The organic and functional adaptation will be carried out using existing resources and competencies until the adaptation of job positions to the new structure is completed.

For more information, visit the BOE.

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