The Small and Medium Enterprises Club is born, the first global service company for SMEs with a €1M investment in AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The Club de la Pyme, the first 360º global service company for businesses and professionals, announces the start of operations in Spain, with the aim of covering all the needs of SMEs and self-employed workers in fiscal, accounting, commercial, legal and financial matters from a disruptive and innovative approach based on the integration of the best professional firms under the same brand, in order to offer a unified service and establish itself as the reference point to which any SME can turn to meet their needs in all these areas.

The landscape of small consultancy in Spain is determined by a series of factors, such as its fragmentation, which means that the number of firms and consultancies is much higher than in other countries in the region. This fact is a disadvantage that affects the growth potential of firms, as well as a difficulty for SMEs when it comes to accessing services, which are offered independently and often in a disparate manner by the more than 50,000 operational consultancies throughout the country.

The Club de la Pyme plans to bring together, under the same brand, approximately 400 independent firms in the next 5 years, entities that generally work in a local or regional area in a disaggregated manner. In this way, Club de la Pyme will deploy a complete range of services and tools, under a single global brand, in order to offer the best direct service to its business and professional clients, standardize work, reduce costs and optimize productivity.

Leading Club de la Pyme is Casimiro García, who has more than 30 years of experience in developing services for the fragmented network of consultancies in Spain, since the establishment of the Club del Asesor (a brand belonging to Grupo Primavera, A Cegid Company) in 1988. Three decades dedicated to the implementation of software and comprehensive solutions for consultancies.

Casimiro is now driving his own disruptive concept in which he transfers his experience in the development of value services to the field of freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises, but with an integrative company approach, in a partnership model similar to that of law firms and not merely as an intermediary, with the aim of supporting the entire ecosystem in their path towards digital transformation.

Investment of €1M to boost AI applied to Spanish SMEs
As part of this initiative to boost Club de la Pyme, and with the aim of reducing the existing gap and promoting artificial intelligence applied to Spanish businesses, the company has made a €1M investment in the newly created Elite Innovation HUB. This AI campus, with offices in Madrid, Boston, and Abu Dhabi, is focused on developing innovative startups with projects that offer solutions to the real needs of digital transformation, task automation, cost reduction, and productivity improvement for freelancers and SMEs.

For example, the consultancy sector has been immersed in a process of digital transformation for some time, although more than 40% of firms have not yet initiated a digitalization process for their business, according to figures from the second Barometer of Consultancy prepared by Wolters Kluwer. This journey towards digital transformation has been shaken in the last year by the abrupt emergence of artificial intelligence.

However, the adoption of AI by Spanish companies is still far from meeting the expectations necessary to keep up with European competitors. A recent study by EY for Microsoft on the actual situation of European companies regarding the adoption of AI revealed that most Spanish companies have pilot projects for Artificial Intelligence (AI), but only 20% have gone beyond the initial stages of proof of concept, compared to an average of 32% in the other participating European countries.

«The popularization of artificial intelligence models in recent years poses new and interesting challenges to companies in their digital transformation strategy, in which they seek to gain efficiencies and be more competitive in a market in which those businesses and professionals who adopt the best practices will have the most chances of success,» comments Casimiro García, CEO of Club de la Pyme. «The project has an integrative concept of the best actors in the ecosystem of law firms. It aims to make the service provided by consultancies to SMEs and professional firms more efficient, so that they can have the most suitable services to grow their businesses in a highly competitive environment such as the current one.»

The commitment to boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the field of AI and the development of products and services that allow firms, SMEs, and self-employed workers to deepen their digital transformation, develop efficiencies in their work environments, and increase their competitiveness underpins the birth of Club de la Pyme and will be the basis of its development in the coming months.

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