The role of the CISO in the Digital Security Transformation in 2024

The evolution of the digital landscape and the proliferation of cyber threats pose unprecedented challenges for organizations. In this context, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is constantly evolving, with a focus in 2024 on simplifying and consolidating security tools, along with implementing automation to improve operational effectiveness. Although increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) in security operations is expected, there is a call to moderate expectations about its ability to autonomously manage cybersecurity. In 2024, CISOs are expected to lead the simplification of security stacks, working towards a more effective operation that prioritizes ease of use and efficiency. With an average of 70 to 90 tools in use, the goal will be not only to consolidate these numbers but also to simplify security processes.

AI is emerging as a valuable tool in the fight against cybercrime, and it is expected to be further integrated into security operations in 2024. Initial pilot projects must demonstrate concrete results to overcome skepticism surrounding AI. The adoption of AI by other areas of the business will require security teams to adapt to a larger amount of data and more complex business processes.

In response to the growing skills gap in the cybersecurity sector, a renewed focus on education and interpersonal skills is expected. Investments in security technology will be complemented by efforts to address issues that technology alone cannot solve, such as internal threats and the theft of legitimate credentials. Training teams in understanding their responsibilities and incident prevention will be essential in 2024.

Data security is taking on a leading role, and it is expected that in 2024 security teams will assume greater responsibility in data management. This will offer the opportunity to make changes and improvements based on the information collected, increasing efficiency in the company’s processes.

Finally, CISOs will face increasing pressure to quantify cyber risk in financial terms for senior management. With a growing number of CISOs reporting directly to the CEO and the board of directors, it will be crucial to measure and communicate cyber risk in terms of business and address the most significant risks in a timely manner.

In a statement by Qualys executives, it is highlighted that although it is difficult to make precise predictions for 2024, companies are expected to leverage investments in AI and automation made in the previous year to consolidate their security processes and increase the effectiveness of their teams. Automation, in particular, will play a crucial role in remediation and cost reduction as organizations seek to simplify their security tools and efficiently address threats.

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