The Ministry of Equality recognizes T-Systems Iberia with the “Equality in the Company” badge.

The company T-Systems Iberia has just received the “Equality in the Company” badge from the Ministry of Equality thanks to its commitment to the implementation of equal treatment and equal opportunities policies for the people who are part of the company.

This recognition is another step in T-Systems’ commitment to creating multidisciplinary and diverse teams, where inclusion and equality are fundamental pillars in talent management. “At T-Systems Iberia, we understand diversity globally and seek to shape a corporate culture that enhances multicultural, generational, and gender talent because it ensures both an environment of personal and professional growth, as well as the most integrated development of technology,” says Miguel Blanca, VP Finance and HR at T-Systems Iberia.

The seal awarded by the ministry also reflects in the company’s policies and structure. In fact, 17% of T-Systems Iberia’s management positions have female representation, a percentage point higher than the market figure provided by the “Quantifying the Gender Gap” study by Entelo. In addition, nearly 30% of T-Systems professionals are women, a quota that exceeds the female representation in national ICT, where women occupy 23% of jobs, according to a study by the Observatory of Equality and Employment.

“From T-Systems, we are committed to making a positive impact on society, promoting initiatives that enhance equal opportunities, foster an environment of inclusion, and facilitate family reconciliation. In short, we advocate for a socially responsible management model where people matter,” says Rosa Rodríguez, Vice President of Sales and Services at T-Systems Iberia.

Thus, in 2022, T-Systems signed the III Equality Plan of the Company for the period 2022-2026, an initiative that includes 11 objectives and 64 measures aimed at guaranteeing an equal environment that promotes professional inclusion and guards against any form of discrimination. The company also has a Diversity Policy that includes, among others, the gender dimension with the aim of reinforcing this value as one of the key pillars of T-Systems Iberia.

In addition to these measures, it is noteworthy that T-Systems Iberia is also a signatory of the Diversity Charter, which includes a commitment to 10 principles of diversity and inclusion, including raising awareness about the values of equal opportunities and respect for diversity, promoting reconciliation and co-responsibility, and considering diversity in all people management policies, among other values.

Furthermore, in order to encourage STEM vocations in young people and girls, the company has promoted initiatives in ICT education, as shown by its participation in ApadrinaTIC, an initiative promoted by CTecno, with the aim of providing financial and professional support to students of computer engineering and telecommunications and increasing the presence of women in these technical careers, dissipating the gender gap that exists in these studies.

T-Systems has been one of the distinguished technology companies among 28 companies from different sectors. This recognition confirms its compliance with the comprehensive principles of good corporate governance in line with the values of its parent company, Deutsche Telekom.

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