The MareNostrum5 supercomputer from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, manufactured by Eviden, ranks as the 8th most powerful in the world.

The company Eviden has announced that it now has 48 systems within the TOP500 of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. Of these, 11 are within the TOP100 and 2 in the TOP10.

In comparison with previous lists, the improvement has been 5 new entries. These entries include new partitions in two EuroHPC programs, Leonardo hosted at Cineca and MareNostrum5 at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, along with new partitions of the ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) program.

The MareNostrum5 system, which enters the TOP500 list for the first time, occupies the eighth place with a sustained maximum performance of 138 petaflops for the accelerator partition. This accelerator partition is based on the next-generation hybrid architecture BullSequana XH3000 from Eviden, which integrates GPU nodes using the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, based on the new Hopper™ architecture and with 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors (code-named Sapphire Rapids).

Eviden has also been awarded by HPCwire with “The Top Supercomputing Achievement” award for the MareNostrum5 supercomputer. This award recognizes the delivery of the system by the consortium led by Eviden and composed of IBM, Intel, Lenovo, NVIDIA, and ParTec.

Fernando Mediavilla, Director of Big Data and Security of Eviden in Spain, Grupo Atos, said, “The TOP500 and the HPCwire award are a great recognition of the acceleration of the deployment of our technologies, offering more performance at a lower energy cost. This achievement is also a great testimony to all the hard work done by our team and the results of years of investment in innovation and expertise. This represents the fastest growth in our history in the number of systems positioned in the TOP500, a clear proof of our excellence in performance and our strategy on the path to Exascale.”

Earl Joseph, General Manager of Hyperion Research, stated, “With more than 45 systems on the TOP500 list, including two systems in the TOP10, Eviden receives great recognition for its excellence and performance capability on its path to Exascale. With its commitment to deploying high-end, energy-efficient, and secure technologies to drive innovation and research worldwide for over 20 years, Eviden demonstrates its leadership position as one of the leading global manufacturers of HPC.”

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