The future of telecommunications in Latin America: An infrastructure and connectivity challenge.

A recent study published by American Tower and SmC+ Digital Public Affairs reveals the urgent need for expansion and improvement in telecommunications infrastructure in Latin America. The analysis projects that by 2032, the region will require over half a million telecommunications sites to meet the demand for mobile services.

Current Situation and Future Projections
The study titled ‘Managing Telecommunications Infrastructure as a Fundamental Pillar for the Future of Latin America’ offers a detailed overview of the current state and challenges facing the telecommunications infrastructure in the region.

Growth Projections
By 2030, it is estimated that the region will reach 454 thousand telecommunications sites.
In 2032, the figure will increase to 560 thousand sites.
These figures represent a downward adjustment compared to previous estimates, affected by delays in 5G bidding.

Key Challenges
The main challenge is the need for shared and specialized managed mobile infrastructures.
Mexico faces the need to double its existing infrastructure to cover the demand for 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile services.

Impact on Regional Competitiveness
Connectivity is essential for economic growth and competitiveness. The study highlights the importance of improving telecommunications infrastructure to close the digital gap and promote the development of new technologies.

Strategies and Recommendations
The report proposes various strategies to address these challenges, including:

Coordination between Government Entities: Establishing standardized processes and a single window to improve efficiency and reduce bureaucracy.
Incentives for Infrastructure Sharing: Encouraging the sharing of passive infrastructure to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
Automatic Approval Process: Streamlining the approval of infrastructure projects to accelerate deployment.
Expedited Process for Smaller Infrastructure: Facilitating the implementation of smaller and less invasive infrastructures.
Awareness Activities: Educating authorities, the population, and the media about the importance and benefits of telecommunications infrastructure.

The American Tower and SmC+ study highlights the urgent need for a proactive and collaborative approach between the public and private sectors to improve telecommunications infrastructure in Latin America. This initiative is not only crucial for technological development but also for economic growth and social inclusion in the region.

The full report and corresponding infographic are available at the following link: American Tower – Infrastructure Report in Latin America.

Source: American Tower – Infrastructure Report in Latin America

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