The European Union supports startups and SMEs in AI: A closer technological future.

The European Commission has taken a decisive step towards strengthening the European technological ecosystem. With the launch of a set of measures focused on artificial intelligence (AI), the Commission aims to support startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the European Union. This effort follows the agreement reached in December 2023 regarding the EU Artificial Intelligence Act, which aims to be a catalyst for the development and adoption of reliable AI systems in the region.

A Commitment to Innovation and Technology

The initiatives proposed by the European Commission include a set of measures aimed at fostering innovation and technological development among startups and SMEs. These include:

1. Amending the EuroHPC Regulation to establish “AI factories,” which will be centers of excellence in artificial intelligence.
2. Establishing an AI office responsible for coordinating European policy in this field and overseeing the implementation of the AI Act.
3. Financial support through programs such as Horizon Europe and Digital Europe, with a special focus on generative AI.
4. Educational and training initiatives to strengthen AI talent within the European Union.
5. Investments to support SMEs specializing in AI, using instruments such as venture capital.
6. Development and implementation of European common data spaces, essential for training and improving AI models.
7. Launch of GenAI4EU, an initiative aimed at driving the development of innovative AI use cases.

Building Digital Infrastructures

The Commission has also established two European Digital Infrastructure Consortia (EDIC):

1. The Alliance for Language Technologies (ALT-EDIC) will focus on the development of a common European infrastructure for language technologies, preserving Europe’s linguistic and cultural diversity.
2. The “CitiVERSE” EDIC will apply advanced AI to develop and enhance local digital twins in smart communities, optimizing processes such as traffic management and waste management.

Support for Public Administration

In addition to these measures, the European Commission is laying the groundwork to assist the public administrations of the Union in the adoption and efficient use of artificial intelligence. This effort reflects a broader commitment of the European Union to integrate advanced technology across all sectors and promote a more digitalized and connected future. With these actions, the European Union is not only supporting technological development but also ensuring that this advancement is carried out ethically and sustainably, aligned with the values and regulations of the region.

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