The County Council of Granada trusts Nutanix to transform its IT infrastructure and make it more sustainable.

The Diputación de Granada, responsible for providing technical, economic, and technological support to the municipalities in the province, has decided to implement Nutanix technology to simplify its technological infrastructure, improve performance, and optimize energy consumption.

Previously, the Diputación had a network that interconnected all the municipalities with its central facilities. However, in 2016, after the approval of the law requiring public administrations to offer electronic services to citizens, they realized that their capabilities would not be sufficient to meet the new requirements.

Given the peculiar structure of the province, where 166 municipalities (95% of the total) have a population of fewer than 20,000 inhabitants, the role of the Diputación is crucial to provide the necessary resources and implement a quality electronic administration without the usual technical complexity.

To address this situation, the Diputación de Granada embarked on a project to renovate its technological infrastructure. After a public bidding process, they opted for Nutanix technology, building a new service-oriented infrastructure that offers greater availability and recovery capabilities in less than an hour.

The main benefits obtained include infrastructure simplification, improved performance, energy consumption optimization, increased computing capacity, and practically zero downtimes. Additionally, the migration was carried out quickly, taking place in just one afternoon.

“We are very pleased with the results of our technological renovation project with Nutanix and the flexibility of their solution. This will allow us to deploy all kinds of projects, including the integration of services in hybrid/multi-cloud and the smart tourist destinations initiative,” said Miguel Pereira Martínez, head of the new technologies service of the Diputación de Granada.

Jorge Vázquez, General Manager of Nutanix Iberia, added, “It is very important for Nutanix to see a high-profile public institution like the Diputación de Granada choosing our solutions to improve service quality to all municipalities and citizens of the province. Technology today enables us to enjoy agility, simplicity, flexibility, scalability, and unprecedented cost reduction, which is key to remaining competitive.”

This technological advancement positions the Diputación de Granada as a leader in the modernization of technological infrastructures, benefiting all municipalities in the province and significantly improving local public administration.

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