The booming jobs for 2024 in Spain according to LinkedIn

The job market is constantly evolving, adapting to technological changes and new skill demands. According to LinkedIn data, the skills required for jobs have changed by 25% since 2015, and this change is expected to increase to 65% by 2030 globally. Artificial intelligence and automation are opening up new opportunities and challenges for professionals and companies.

LinkedIn’s “Emerging Jobs” list, based on exclusive platform data, ranks the top 25 fastest-growing jobs in demand in the last five years in Spain, revealing current trends and emerging opportunities. Here are the top 25 highlighted jobs:

1. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst: Monitoring and responding to computer security alerts.
2. Software Development Analyst: Development and supervision of software components.
3. Sustainability Manager: Implementation of sustainability strategies in companies.
4. Key Account Sales Manager: Managing relationships with key customers and seeking new agreements.
5. Sales Development Representative: Seeking new business opportunities and potential clients.
6. Logistics Expert: Analysis and optimization of a company’s logistics processes.
7. Growth Manager: Development of strategies for the growth of products or services.
8. Platform Engineer: Design and management of tools and services for developers and engineers.
9. Investment Analyst: Analysis and evaluation of investment opportunities.
10. Training Specialist: Development and implementation of employee training plans.
11. Data Engineer: Development and maintenance of a company’s data systems.
12. Talent Selection Consultant: Support in personnel selection and hiring processes.
13. Artificial Intelligence Engineer: Design and development of AI systems.
14. Insurance Underwriter: Evaluation and management of risks for insurance products.
15. Security Engineer: Planning and management of security measures for data and computer systems.
16. Customer Success Manager: Management of customer relationships to ensure their satisfaction.
17. Social Media Marketing Manager: Planning and execution of digital marketing strategies.
18. Cloud Systems Engineer: Design and implementation of cloud applications and tools.
19. Media Specialist: Creation and execution of marketing strategies on digital channels.
20. Integration Engineer: Design and implementation of integrations between services and applications.
21. International Sales Manager: Coordination of export activities and seeking opportunities in international markets.
22. Machine Learning Engineer: Development of machine learning algorithms and systems.
23. BIM Modeler: Design of architecture projects using the BIM technique.
24. Implementation Consultant: Facilitation in the configuration and deployment of technological solutions.
25. Engagement Manager: Project management to increase customer satisfaction

These jobs reflect a wide range of sectors, from technology and cybersecurity to sustainability and sales. LinkedIn also provides resources for each position, including information on remote work, required skills, main locations, and related courses.

LinkedIn’s methodology for this list is based on the analysis of millions of job postings and user job transitions, excluding internships, temporary positions, and student roles. Additional data for each job is derived from LinkedIn profiles and job postings on the platform.

These “Emerging Jobs” provide valuable insight for those seeking new opportunities, looking to improve their skills, or interested in labor market trends.

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