The ACS Group is making progress in the digital infrastructure sector with the acquisition of a plot of land for a Data Center in Madrid.

The ACS Group, a well-known investor and operator in the data center industry, has officially made the acquisition of strategically located land in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid through its subsidiaries Iridium and Arcano. This 6.7-hectare plot is intended for the construction of a new data center, expected to be operational by 2025.

The project, which will be executed over the next five years, marks a significant milestone in the group’s digital infrastructure expansion. The new data center will have a guaranteed power supply of 50MW, highlighting its capacity to accommodate large-scale operations.

The selected area for this endeavor, known as the “Corredor del Henares,” is one of the most sought-after locations for data centers in the Madrid region. Its value lies not only in its privileged geographical position but also in its exceptional connection to the main fiber optic network in the peninsula, running along the A2 highway that connects Madrid with Barcelona. This strategic location has attracted the attention of data center operators and hyperscale companies seeking to optimize their connectivity and services.

The ACS Group, through its subsidiary Turner, a leader in data center construction in the United States, and its CIMIC group in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, already holds a prominent position in the data center industry. The acquisition of this land in Alcalá de Henares is another step in its strategy to consolidate its global presence in digital infrastructures. It also reflects the recognition of the potential of the Spanish market and supports the ACS Group’s strategy to capitalize on expansion opportunities in emerging markets dedicated to next-generation infrastructures.

This project not only strengthens the ACS Group’s presence in the digital infrastructure sector but also contributes to the technological and economic development of the region, positioning Madrid as a key hub in the European data center landscape.

With this investment, the ACS Group reaffirms its commitment to growth and innovation in the technology sector, expanding its influence in the digital landscape and preparing to meet the growing infrastructure needs in the era of information and connectivity.

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