The 6 key trends that will define the connectivity sector in 2024.

The year 2024 is marked to be a turning point in the connectivity and telecommunications sector, with technological advancements promising to transform how we interact with the digital world. Here are six key trends expected to dominate the landscape:

1. Deep Integration of AI in Networks: Artificial intelligence (AI) will be deeply integrated into networks, shifting from being a complementary tool to a fundamental part of everyday applications. This integration promises to improve crucial aspects such as network predictability, issue resolution, and security. Companies will need to focus on maintaining transparency and appropriate security practices to fully leverage the capabilities of AI.

2. IoT and the Emergence of the Smart Society: The Internet of Things (IoT) will drive the transformation towards a “smart society.” An increase in the use of IoT devices in different sectors is expected, facilitating greater efficiency and productivity, as well as enhanced experiences for consumers and clients.

3. Strategic Choice of 5G Connectivity in Enterprises: 5G connectivity will become a key strategic decision for businesses. The choice between different connectivity options, such as 5G and satellite, will be crucial, and organizations will need to evaluate which best suits their specific needs.

4. Advancement of Private 5G and Edge Computing in Offshoring: The manufacturing sector and other industries will seek to increase efficiency and reduce costs through advanced technologies like private 5G networks and edge computing. These technologies will allow for more precise and efficient control over production operations.

5. Adoption of Zero Trust Strategies Against Cyber Risks: In response to a growing risk landscape, companies will adopt Zero Trust approaches, such as remote browser isolation, to enhance security. This will help segregate web and email sessions, thus protecting enterprise networks from external threats.

6. Expansion of Fiber Optic Networks and Their Complementarity with 5G: In addition to the mentioned technologies, the expansion of fiber optic networks is expected to play a crucial role in 2024. The complementarity between fiber optic networks and 5G will allow for more robust and reliable connectivity, especially in areas where 5G infrastructure is still developing. This trend will facilitate not only faster connection speeds but also better coverage and data transmission reliability.

These six trends reveal an exciting and revolutionary future for the connectivity sector. From the fusion of AI with networks and the development of IoT, to advanced security strategies and the expansion of fiber optic networks, 2024 is shaping up to be a year of innovation, efficiency, and resilience in the digital world.

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