SAP HANA Cloud optimizes its performance and efficiency with AWS Graviton.

SAP SE (NYSE: SAP), in collaboration with Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), a subsidiary of Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), has recently announced that SAP HANA Cloud is now supported by AWS Graviton processors. This significant advancement extends SAP’s native cloud and in-memory database to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances powered by AWS Graviton, thereby leveraging the benefits in terms of price, performance, and energy efficiency offered by AWS.

Impact on AWS and SAP Joint Customers

Thousands of customers rely on AWS and SAP joint solutions to run their critical business processes. With the growing development of data-driven intelligent applications, there is an increased demand for computing and memory. These customers are seeking solutions that reduce costs without compromising performance and energy efficiency. By choosing to run SAP HANA Cloud on AWS Graviton, SAP not only optimizes its computing costs but also enables its customers to benefit from these efficiencies.

Environmental and Performance Benefits

Commitment to the Environment: Juergen Mueller, Chief Technology Officer of SAP SE, emphasized that this collaboration with AWS and the use of Graviton demonstrate SAP’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its technologies.

Energy Efficiency of AWS Graviton Processors: David Brown, Vice President of Amazon EC2 at AWS, mentioned that AWS Graviton3 processors, based on Arm, offer the best energy efficiency in Amazon EC2, combining energy efficiency and cost performance.

Performance and Cost Savings: SAP has experienced up to 30% more computational performance in analytical workloads and a 15% reduction in computing costs by migrating SAP HANA Cloud to Amazon EC2 instances based on AWS Graviton.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint: With a reduction of up to 60% in energy use for the same performance compared to other EC2 instances, SAP can decrease the computational carbon footprint of SAP HANA Cloud by an estimated 45%.

SAP’s Commitment to Sustainability

As a signatory to Amazon’s The Climate Pledge, SAP actively collaborates with over 400 organizations to reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment. By running SAP HANA Cloud on AWS Graviton, SAP advances its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and support initiatives against the climate crisis.

Long-Term Relationship between SAP and AWS

SAP and AWS have maintained a strong relationship since 2008, when SAP developed and tested the SAP NetWeaver technology platform on AWS. Currently, SAP customers continue to use AWS across SAP’s entire cloud business portfolio through the RISE with SAP solution and the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Additionally, the SAP NS2 Secure Data Cloud service, tailored to public sector and defense customers with strict security and compliance requirements, utilizes AWS to deliver reliable and secure solutions.

Future and Expansion of SAP with AWS Graviton

SAP plans to expand its use of AWS Graviton in the future to further capitalize on performance gains, cost savings, and energy efficiencies. With this integration, SAP not only enhances its cloud service offering but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient technological future.

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