Sage sets up his umbrella at Accountex Spain 2023 to help professional firms with the new legislation.

Sage, the world’s leading company in technology for accounting, finance, human resources, and payroll management for small and medium-sized businesses, had a prominent participation in Accountex Spain 2023, the benchmark event in the sector of consulting and professional firms.

With an impressive stand of more than 150 square meters and the slogan “Drive your firm towards sustainable growth”, the company presented attendees with the wide range of solutions that Sage offers to address the current needs of consulting and professional firms. In an environment marked by increasing legislative complexity, with measures such as electronic invoicing or the Anti-Fraud Law on the horizon, Sage provides these companies with the necessary tools and technologies. This comprehensive offer covers four key areas:

– Achieving greater visibility and positioning to conquer profitable and loyal clients.
– Automation of manual processes thanks to technology to save time.
– Data management to comply with legislation and present it to the public administration quickly and without errors.
– Transformation of the advisor’s work into a dashboard for the client, boosting and monetizing the business for SMEs through an analytics function and added value.

During the event, with record attendance figures, Sage has positioned itself as a leading company in the sector that has the trust, security, and experience to help consulting and professional firms, as well as SMEs in any sector, to address the new technological and legal needs they will have to face.

Sage has sat at the table with the Spanish public administration to delve into current topics in the sector. Thus, in the “Tax Intelligence and Advisory” roundtable, José Luis Martín Zabala, CEO of Sage in Spain and Portugal, held an interesting dialogue with Iker Beraza, advisory board member of the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation, and Javier Hurtado, director of the Financial and Tax Inspection Department, about how the regulations of the Create and Grow Law and the Anti-Fraud Law will affect companies, as well as the crucial role that advisors will play in this new scenario.

Electronic invoicing or Anti-Fraud laws are aimed at automating the collection and issuance of invoices, as well as preventing tax evasion. However, adapting to these procedures will require modifying the administrative processes of companies, as well as acquiring new skills by workers in a global transformation process of the company. Consulting and professional firms, along with the expert support and tools offered by Sage, will allow organizations to adapt in time and introduce the necessary changes to comply with the administration and improve the performance of their businesses.

Cristina Francisco, Product Director of Sage Iberia, led the talks “Avoiding the perfect storm. How to navigate through legal changes” and “Boost Your Firm: Innovation for the growth of your business and your clients” in which best practices on the advantages of using technology in data and invoice management were addressed, and how this process improves the capacity of companies to comply with the new demands that the Administration will implement after the approval of the new regulation.

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