Romania is securing 3 of its airports at security level 3 with AI-powered video technology.

Ipsotek Awarded Major Airport Security Projects in Romania

Ipsotek has been awarded projects through its partner UTI Construction and Facility Management (UTI CFM), a top-tier systems integrator with extensive experience in civil and critical infrastructure solutions, to supply state-of-the-art video analysis systems that improve security and operational efficiency. UTI CFM and Ipsotek have previously collaborated on several projects, including the collaboration at Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport in Bucharest in 2020.

Stephen Papaloizou, Ipsotek’s UK and Europe Sales Director, stated: “These new projects represent significant milestones in safety and operational excellence at Romanian airports. This collaboration has been crucial in expanding our presence in the Romanian market. The company’s extensive experience and integration capabilities, along with Ipsotek’s state-of-the-art Video Analytics software, have allowed for the seamless introduction of advanced security solutions in the region.”

The planned deployment of Ipsotek’s AI video analysis solutions at Cluj, Sibiu, and Satu Mare airports will revolutionize operational and security processes. Key applications will include the detection of abandoned luggage, unauthorized vehicle entry into restricted areas, identification of abandoned vehicles, and other video analysis solutions tailored to the needs of each airport using Ipsotek’s patented scenario-based rules engine. By providing actionable insights and streamlining incident response, Ipsotek’s solutions will play a critical role in ensuring the safety and well-being of travelers and airport personnel.

UTI CFM, a prominent construction and facility management company since 1994, has firmly established itself as a provider of specialized solutions for civil and critical infrastructure. The company is a key player in the installation and integration of airport systems in Romania, elevating airport operational efficiency to high levels.

“Our strong and fruitful collaboration with Ipsotek has generated cutting-edge security solutions that Romanian airports greatly needed. Ipsotek’s advanced video analysis software is a next-generation solution that brings real advantages to security operators by using AI to increase situational awareness and enhance event detection capabilities that might go unnoticed even to the eyes of an experienced security control room operator,” said Tudor Radulescu, Technical Director of UTI CFM.

“UTI CFM and Ipsotek are capable of developing systems tailored to the needs of the customer and the security risks faced by any organization,” he added.

Ipsotek and UTI CFM are committed to working closely with respective airport authorities to ensure seamless integration, customization, and support throughout the deployment process, scheduled for later this year. Each contract with an airport is a testament to Ipsotek’s proven track record, with over 140 deployments in airports worldwide.

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