Renfe invests 164 million euros in the modernization of its ticket sales system.

Renfe, the national railway company of Spain, has announced a significant investment of 164.1 million euros to upgrade and modernize its ticket sales and reservation system. This project, approved by the Renfe Board of Directors, will include a comprehensive transformation of all sales channels and customer access systems, such as the website, mobile app, ticket offices, travel agencies, self-service machines, check-in, and club lounge access.

Details of the Award

The project is divided into two main contracts:

Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Operation: Awarded to the UTE Accenture and Evolutio Cloud Enable for an amount of 78.6 million euros. This contract covers the development of the new sales and reservation system, using advanced technologies and a cloud-based infrastructure.

Passenger Service System (PSS): Awarded to Sqills Products BV for 85.5 million euros. This system will handle the implementation, configuration, and operation of the PSS, an essential component for the modernization of Renfe’s systems.

Objectives and Benefits of the Project

The main objective of this ambitious project is to improve the customer experience through a more functional and scalable sales system that complies with European standards and facilitates integration with other applications and third parties. In addition, the development of complementary modules for specific Renfe services is contemplated, including compensation control, fraud, documents, and invoice issuance.

Transformation of the Web Sales Channel

One of the most significant changes will be the transformation of the sales channel through the Renfe website, This platform, which currently has 5.6 million unique monthly users and receives 11.5 million visits per month, will undergo a substantial improvement in the service offered to customers.

Design Principles and Business Continuity

Renfe has focused on ensuring that the design of the new system allows for seamless evolution in service. The goal is to ensure business continuity throughout the migration process from the current system to the future, thus avoiding any negative impact on users.


Renfe’s investment in the modernization of its ticket sales and reservation system is a significant step towards improving the customer experience and optimizing its operations. With these advancements, Renfe not only aligns with the most demanding European standards but also positions itself as a pioneer in the use of advanced technologies for the efficient and sustainable management of rail transport.

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