REHAU: 75 years of values, technology, and innovation

“Engineering progress. Enhancing lives” is the motto that guides REHAU in its constant pursuit to improve the quality of life for people through innovative products and solutions. With 75 years of history, the company celebrates its anniversary and reflects on its legacy while keeping a firm eye towards the future alongside its dedicated employees.

The impact of REHAU can be seen in a wide range of places and applications, from the Ariane rocket used in space research to the heating system at the Berlin Olympic Stadium or the metro system in Cairo. REHAU’s technical expertise and knowledge have left a mark on numerous global projects. The ability to adapt to changing needs and challenges, backed by a strong foundation of values, has driven the evolution of this family-owned company into the international group it is today. Additionally, REHAU is in a period of expansion, with recent acquisitions in Africa and the opening of a production plant in Mexico to cater to the growing demand in North and Central America.

The success story of REHAU began in 1948 in the Bavarian city of the same name, when its founder, Helmut Wagner, began replacing conventional materials with polymers in a leather factory. Building on values such as trust, reliability, and innovation, Helmut Wagner built a prosperous company. In 2000, his sons, Jobst Wagner and Dr. Veit Wagner, took over the leadership of the company as President and Vice President respectively, and steered it in the direction of the current subgroups. In 2021, Jobst Wagner handed over the presidency to Dr. Veit Wagner and assumed the role of Vice President. The third generation of the Wagner family, represented by Nils Wagner as the director of REHAU New Ventures, plays a prominent role in the Group. Unfortunately, in 2021, Helmut Wagner passed away at the age of 95, leaving behind a lasting legacy.

Today, the REHAU Group is an international organization with 190 locations worldwide, over 20,000 employees, and an annual turnover exceeding 4.7 billion euros. With five subgroups, including Meraxis, REHAU New Ventures, RAUMEDIC, REHAU Automotive, and REHAU Industries, the company operates under one roof. REHAU’s success is based on entrepreneurship, a strong foundation of values that guide its activities and set the company apart in its sector. Additionally, the group’s ability to adapt to future challenges is one of its main strengths. Along with original thinking, the Group’s DNA includes a balance between experience and a willingness to take risks, and a constant drive for evolution. Dr. Veit Wagner, President of the REHAU Group, emphasizes that “change creates a fertile ground for new ideas and innovations that keep us competitive in the long run.”

REHAU extruded the first polymer window profile in 1958. In 1987, the company introduced the first sliding sleeve technology for joining drinking water and HVAC pipes and has since sold a billion units. Today, one in every three cars in Europe contains REHAU components. 400,000 kilometers of the company’s microducts connect people worldwide. And by filing approximately 100 patents each year, REHAU is one of the most innovative companies in Germany.

The company is shaping the future in the most sustainable way possible, as environmental care and sustainability are firmly anchored in its strategic decision-making process. In the 1950s, REHAU reintroduced polymer waste into its production processes. Today, the circular economy, future-oriented energy supply, and the promotion of diversity are key corporate issues for REHAU. The company aims to increase the amount of recycled materials in production to 20% by 2025. More than half of REHAU’s window profiles already contain up to 75% recycled granules. And by 2035, the company aims to achieve carbon-neutral production worldwide.

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