Red Hat Device Edge: The new solution for cybersecurity and efficient management in Edge Computing.

Red Hat, Inc., a global pioneer in open source solutions, has announced today the general availability of Red Hat Device Edge, an innovative platform designed for resource-constrained environments, ideal for a variety of applications at the device edge, such as IoT gateways, industrial controllers, and more.

Red Hat Device Edge is positioned as a robust solution to safeguard critical data and accelerate workloads at the device edge, an increasingly vulnerable area due to the exponential growth in the number of connected devices. The platform combines MicroShift, derived from Red Hat OpenShift, and an optimized operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, offering a new level of efficiency and security in edge computing.

Innovation and Efficiency at the Edge

Red Hat’s solution stands out for its minimalism, perfectly adapting to small-format devices in challenging environments. It offers two deployment options tailored to the specific needs of the edge, either with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Podman for static deployments or with MicroShift for more dynamic environments that require advanced container orchestration and integration with Kubernetes.

Integration with Ansible Automation Platform

A key aspect of Red Hat Device Edge is its integration with Ansible Automation Platform, enabling more consistent and reliable cybersecurity management. According to Francis Chow, vice president and general manager of Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System and Edge, “Red Hat Device Edge is a community-proven and ecosystem-verified solution, designed to extend Red Hat’s hybrid cloud solutions to the most remote and challenging use cases. With the inclusion of Ansible Automation Platform, we provide tools for consistent and reliable automation from sea to space and everywhere in between.”

Unified and Flexible Operational Experience

Red Hat Device Edge ensures a consistent operational experience at the edge, using the same tools and processes employed in centralized environments. This allows for greater flexibility in managing workloads, whether on bare metal, virtualized or containerized applications, and simplifies large-scale deployment with advanced automation.

Collaboration and Real-World Application

Top executives and industry leaders have highlighted the transformative potential of Red Hat Device Edge. Companies and partners including ABB, DSO National Laboratories, Dynatrace, Guise AI, Intel, and Lockheed Martin are collaborating with Red Hat to deploy, test, and validate the effectiveness of Red Hat Device Edge in hybrid cloud and edge environments.

Availability and Support

Red Hat Device Edge is now available with full support. For more information, individuals can contact a Red Hat sales representative, visit the official website, or access the Red Hat Customer Portal. With Red Hat Device Edge, the frontier of edge computing opens up to new possibilities, promising greater security and efficiency in an increasingly connected world.

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