Real Madrid C.F. and Softtek are progressing towards a comprehensive digital ecosystem for the fan.

The Real Madrid C.F. has established a strategic alliance with Softtek, a company specializing in digital technology, to create an innovative digital ecosystem that focuses on meeting the needs of its fans. This collaboration represents a milestone in the convergence between the world of sports and technology, redefining the relationship between the elite club and its followers.

Under the “fan-centric” paradigm, Softtek and Real Madrid C.F. have developed a digital ecosystem that strengthens the emotional connection between the club and its millions of followers through innovation. The collaboration covers aspects of branding, technology, product design, and digital culture, significantly improving the relationship between the club and its fan base.

In terms of branding and design, Softtek has created a new digital identity for the club, focusing on the sense of belonging to a global community. This identity has become the basis of a new design system that unifies the brand experience across all digital channels of the club and will serve as a guide for future products.

Regarding technological implementation, the collaboration has resulted in the creation of a real-time digital platform that supports all the digital products and services that the club offers to its community, including new websites and mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, ticket sales, and RM Play, among others.

This strategic alliance has enabled faster delivery, with over 95% planning predictability. The quality of services has improved by 30%, which has had a positive impact on the club’s revenue. Furthermore, by offering a personalized experience, conversions have increased by 60%, while the club’s acquisition cost has been reduced.

From the club’s digital area, they highlight that this collaboration has been instrumental in achieving a comprehensive transformation that includes a renewed image centered on the fan and a more agile organization. Both parties consider that this alliance reflects their commitment to excellence and their shared vision in the digital era.

Doris Seedorf, CEO of Softtek for the European market, shares that the collaboration with Real Madrid C.F. has been a unique experience and that this partnership with a global reference demonstrates the commitment of both parties to excellence and the shared vision.

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