OVHcloud revolutionizes Artificial Intelligence with serverless solutions and Bare Metal servers with GPU.

OVHcloud, the European leader in cloud solutions, has announced a major upgrade to its artificial intelligence offering, launching a series of innovative “serverless” solutions that integrate high-end GPUs, as well as new Bare Metal servers with GPU. This initiative responds to the growing demand from its customers and seeks to democratize access to AI.

New GPU Solutions for Datacenters

The company, with over two decades of experience in infrastructures, has expanded its range of GPUs for datacenters, including options such as NVIDIA H100 PCIe, NVIDIA L40S, NVIDIA L4, and NVIDIA A10. These computational resources, beneficial for the environment thanks to OVHcloud’s proprietary liquid cooling system, are designed for various use cases, from machine learning to LLM model deployment.

Wide Range of GPU and Bare Metal Servers for AI

OVHcloud’s offering includes Compute GPU instances with NVIDIA H100, in addition to the existing NVIDIA A100 and the upcoming options of GPU L40S and L4. On the other hand, the new Bare Metal servers HGR-AI-2 equipped with NVIDIA L40S GPU will be available in the spring, targeting customers who require dedicated servers to power AI applications.

OVHcloud Data Platform: Data Management and Privacy

OVHcloud has also introduced the OVHcloud Data Platform, a comprehensive solution for data management that allows users to efficiently and securely collect, store, manage, analyze, and visualize information.

Serverless Tools and Ecosystem Support

OVHcloud has developed a complete set of serverless tools, including AI Notebooks, AI Training, and AI Deploy, which facilitate data experimentation, model training, and production deployment. These solutions enable data scientists and machine learning engineers to access a set of software based on industry-standard technologies.

Strategic Partnerships and Support for AI Skills Development

The company is working with a series of integrators and partners to support the development of high-level skills in AI. OVHcloud will participate in key events such as the World AI Cannes Festival and offer educational webinars.

Statement from Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud

Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud, has emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and its mission to make AI accessible and easy to use for its customers. According to Paulin, these new offerings meet all the needs of organizations to succeed in their digital transformation.

GPU instances based on NVIDIA H100 PCIe are already available in the Public Cloud universe starting from 2.80 euros per hour. Managed AI Solutions with H100 PCIe start from 3.10 euros per hour. GPU instances with NVIDIA L40S, L4, and A10 will be available this spring, and the new Bare Metal servers HGR-AI-2 will be available on demand in March.

This release from OVHcloud represents a significant step in the offering of AI solutions, providing businesses with advanced tools to harness the benefits of artificial intelligence in their operations and business strategies.

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