New Dell hardware options for Commvault Cloud HyperScale X appliances

Commvault has added new options to the HyperScale X family, with Dell hardware. This evolution in Commvault’s HyperScale X product line offers organizations greater flexibility and choice when it comes to protecting their critical information.

Now, Dell customers can enjoy the HyperScale X Appliance experience on the same hardware used in their existing IT data centers. The addition of Dell to the HyperScale offerings enables a wide range of customer needs, capabilities, and preferences to be met, as they can now choose devices that are more likely to be compatible with their existing infrastructure and management processes. Furthermore, they can enjoy Commvault support, helping to ensure that any issues with the software or hardware are quickly resolved without the need to make multiple service calls to different providers.

In addition to compatibility, the new hardware options seamlessly integrate with existing HyperScale X appliance deployments, eliminating the need for costly and slow infrastructure revisions and allowing organizations to leverage their current investments and expertise with minimal interruption to their processes and workflows.

Commvault and Arrow Electronics Intelligent Solutions Business

Commvault has worked closely with Arrow’s Intelligent Solutions unit to deliver this new hardware solution that enhances data management for companies worldwide. With this new program, Arrow and Commvault will provide a turnkey solution that integrates hardware and software to meet the needs of customers seeking a comprehensive approach to data management.

The program will offer an SKU package composed of Commvault HyperScale X software and Dell hardware, making it easier for customers to obtain the tools they need to effectively manage their data.

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