Navarra is driving digital transformation with a million-dollar investment in its Data Center.

In a significant push towards advanced digitalization, the President of Navarra, María Chivite Navascués, has announced an investment of 2.6 million euros for the expansion of the Government of Navarra’s Data Processing Center (CPD). This investment will allow the doubling of the CPD’s capacity, an essential measure to consolidate the digitalization of services offered to citizens and government departments.

Presidential Visit and Expansion Context During her visit to the infrastructure, President Chivite was accompanied by prominent figures, including the Government Delegate of Spain in Navarra, Alicia Echeverría; the Councilor for University, Innovation, and Digital Transformation, Patricia Fanlo, and the managing director of Nasertic, Iñaki Pinillos. The need for this expansion is justified by the increasing number of digital services offered and the continuous integration of new technologies.

The Objective of the Expansion: Efficiency and Technological Advancement The purpose behind this expansion is to advance digital transformation, which will result in better service delivery, increased efficiency, and accelerated high-level research. President Chivite emphasized the importance of digitalization to automate processes, improve decision-making, bring services closer to citizens, and promote transparency.

The CPD: A Pillar for Research and Innovation The CPD not only plays a vital role for the regional administration, but it is also a key element for scientific, technological, and innovative research in Spain, hosting one of the few supercomputers in the country and being part of an open access network.

Recognized Investment and European Funds This project, declared a regional interest investment in December 2023, will be funded with funds from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism of the Spanish Government. These funds, to be executed between 2024 and 2025, are destined to modernize Public Administrations.

CPD Renovation: Capacity Doubling and Technological Improvement The renovation of the CPD will double its electrical capacity and significantly increase the number of racks. Additionally, aspects such as air conditioning and energy efficiency will be improved, expanding the area dedicated to technological equipment.

CPD: A Resource Open to Educational and Technological Institutions The CPD will continue to be open to universities, technological centers, and companies, hosting critical information systems for the operation of public services in Navarra.

CPD: A Critical Center for Government Operations The CPD, which has a backup center, is a critical infrastructure for the uninterrupted operation of public services, connecting more than 1,000 offices, health centers, and educational centers throughout Navarra.

A ‘Mainframe’ and a Supercomputing Center The CPD houses a high-performance ‘mainframe’ and a supercomputing center, essential for massive data processing and the development of innovative research and projects.

The expansion of the CPD in Navarra marks a milestone in the government’s digitalization strategy, guaranteeing a robust and efficient technological infrastructure, essential for the advancement towards a fully integrated and accessible digital society and economy for all citizens. [source: nasertic](

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