MinIO and VMware join forces to revolutionize cloud object storage.

In a strategic move that promises to redefine object storage for cloud environments, MinIO Inc., renowned for its advanced object storage suite, has announced its partnership with VMware. This new pact aims to offer native integration of object storage solutions for VMware Cloud Foundation, leveraging VMware’s robust infrastructure and MinIO’s expertise in data handling.

The alliance means that MinIO will be the first third-party object store to natively integrate with VMware Data Services Manager, a milestone that Ugur Tigli, CTO of MinIO Inc., considers crucial for the evolution of private cloud. This collaboration seeks to address the growing need for companies to adapt their infrastructures to technological changes, betting on unprecedented flexibility in managing workloads in both virtual machines and Kubernetes.

Meanwhile, Data Services Manager, as an extension of VMware vSphere, offers customers the ability to efficiently manage various data services. This advancement is the result of the technical collaboration between MinIO and VMware, which promises to reduce dependencies and expand administrative flexibility. Now, system administrators will have the ability to manage not only relational databases but also object stores under a coherent operational model, taking advantage of VMware vSAN’s enterprise storage capabilities.

Vijay Ramachandran, VP of Product Management, Storage and Data Infrastructure at VMware, reiterates the company’s vision to simplify access to advanced data services such as MinIO Object Store, much like it has historically been done with computing, networking, and storage. This approach aligns with the goal of driving data-driven innovation by integrating MinIO into VMware Cloud Foundation as a native data service.

MinIO has proven to be a formidable competitor in the realm of object storage, with performance tests evidencing its ability to handle the most intensive workloads. From artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to advanced analytics and security event management, MinIO has demonstrated exceptional performance and optimal adaptability to support both large and small objects, constituting an ideal extensible data store for modern data lakes.

The integrated solution offered is compatible with any storage, including vSAN, and adapts to any network configuration. This culminates in a “bucket-as-a-service” offering for developers, seeking to simplify the inherent complexity of storage policies and classes, while still maintaining control in the hands of the virtual infrastructure administrator. This balance between flexibility and control establishes a new paradigm for developer agility, without sacrificing security and management imperatives.

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