Microsoft enhances data sovereignty in the EU with the expansion of the EU Data Boundary in its Cloud.

Microsoft Announces Expansion of EU Data Boundary for Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft has announced significant advancements in its EU Data Boundary for Microsoft Cloud, expanding its commitment to privacy and data security in Europe. The update reflects the company’s ongoing effort to provide cloud services that not only comply with European regulatory requirements but also align with the region’s core values.

As part of its strategy to strengthen data sovereignty, Microsoft has extended the capabilities of its EU Data Boundary, initially launched last year, to encompass all personal data. This includes pseudonymized information that is automatically generated as part of the standard operation of its services. With this step, Microsoft becomes the first large-scale cloud provider to offer such a broad level of data residency in the EU, allowing customers to maintain all personal data, including automated system records, within the territory of the European Union.

Microsoft’s approach to data security focuses on three key aspects: ensuring that all personal data is kept within the EU Data Boundary, providing detailed transparency documentation and resources, and deploying EU-based technology to further protect pseudonymized personal data.

The company also reaffirms its commitment to industry-leading cybersecurity, with more than 8,000 experts monitoring global signals to protect against cyber threats. Microsoft ensures that data transfers outside the EU for security purposes will be limited and only used for essential cybersecurity functions.

For the next steps, Microsoft plans to launch a new phase of EU Data Boundary for Microsoft Cloud that will change the way data is handled during technical support interactions. The company is committed to storing support data within the EU and limiting any temporary transfer of data outside the EU, utilizing technical methods such as virtual desktop infrastructure to ensure high-quality support.

This development is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to creating cloud services that promote trust, respect European values, and provide advanced sovereignty controls. With EU Data Boundary, Microsoft exceeds compliance expectations and offers a solid foundation for technological advancement and innovation within the European Union.

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