Marriott International is taking hotel management to new heights with Oracle Cloud.

In a bet on innovation and continuous improvement in the customer experience, Marriott International has selected Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Property Management System (PMS) and Sales and Event Management as its new cloud-based hotel management platform for its luxury, premium, select service, and mid-scale properties.

Digital Transformation in Hospitality
The collaboration between Oracle and Marriott International represents a qualitative leap in hotel management, by adopting an integrated platform that promises to not only optimize efficiency and operational revenue but also elevate the quality of customer service. “Oracle OPERA Cloud provides an integrated hotel platform that enables companies like Marriott to offer exceptional experiences to their customers,” says Alex Alt, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Hospitality. This partnership demonstrates Oracle’s commitment to security, long-term investment in the cloud, and continuous improvement to meet and exceed the expectations of customers and properties alike.

Key Benefits of OPERA Cloud for Marriott
Thanks to the power and security of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), OPERA Cloud PMS will allow Marriott hotels to optimize their operations, centralize global data for valuable insights, and improve planning and customer care. In addition, OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management will facilitate the optimization of event spaces, from meeting rooms to catering services, thus improving management and the experience at each event.

“Being at the forefront of changing customer needs is essential in our industry,” says Erika Alexander, Chief Global Operations Officer of Marriott International. Technology and data platforms like Oracle OPERA Cloud become the backbone of Marriott’s service, allowing associates to focus on providing exceptional care to customers.

Optimization of Human Resources and IT Systems
Marriott is also improving its human resources processes and employee experience with Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) and expanding its IT systems through multicloud architectures in OCI and Microsoft Azure. These improvements reflect Marriott’s commitment to operational excellence and satisfaction of both customers and employees.

A Promising Future
Oracle Hospitality, with over 45 years of experience providing technological solutions to the hotel sector, positions itself as a key ally for Marriott on its path toward innovation and service excellence. Through this partnership, Oracle and Marriott International set a new standard in hotel management, promoting personalized experiences for guests, maximizing profitability, and fostering loyalty through cutting-edge technology and cloud-based solutions.

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