Lyntia expands its presence in Portugal with the acquisition of 1,100 km of fiber and a strategic agreement with Gigas.

Lyntia, the leading neutral operator in dark fiber services and capacity in Spain, has taken a significant step in its expansion into the Iberian market with the recent acquisition of 1,100 kilometers of fiber network in Portugal. This strategic move has been further strengthened with an agreement with Gigas, through its Portuguese subsidiary ONI, positioning lyntia as a key player in the Portuguese transmission market and reinforcing its leadership in the Iberian market.

The acquisition of this extensive terrestrial fiber network, which includes vital connections to major Portuguese cities such as Lisbon, Oporto, and Braga, as well as strategic routes to Spain, positions lyntia to offer high-quality, low-latency integrated connectivity solutions across the entire Iberian Peninsula. Furthermore, this expansion not only supports the company’s growth in the region but also consolidates its presence in the Southern European connectivity market.

Lyntia can now provide terrestrial dark fiber services on its 1,100 km network and Co-location with 65 available locations for immediate use. The ability to offer end-to-end connectivity services across the Iberian Peninsula is strengthened by the use of Nokia’s DWDM network in Spain, now extending over 2,800 km in Portugal and connecting its major cities with those of Spain.

José Antonio López, CEO of lyntia, highlights the importance of this acquisition in the company’s growth strategy: “Investing in a new market like Portugal allows us to add more value to our customers. We continue with our ambitious deployment plan to connect the main landing points of submarine cables and the most important cities in the Iberian Peninsula with the minimum latency and the best quality, Data Centers & Cloud Regions. Our goal is to consolidate ourselves as the reference partner in the Telco and Cloud world in the transition to the digital age, also contributing to environmental sustainability in Southern Europe.”

About Lyntia Networks
Lyntia Networks is a leading neutral operator in the wholesale telecommunications market, with a network of approximately 46,000 km of deployed fiber. It offers a wide range of connectivity services over optical fiber, with extensive network coverage and high capillarity. In addition, it provides services such as dark fiber, capacity, FTTH wholesale service, VSAT, internet, and Co-location. Lyntia Networks’ network connects the main cities of Spain and serves more than 3,200 populations, including connections to key points of submarine cables and Data Centers in the Peninsula.

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