Liferay DXP, now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Liferay Inc., the renowned provider of cloud-based Digital Experience Platform (DXP), has announced a significant expansion of its reach through a new availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This strategic collaboration promises to offer organizations the flexibility and tools needed to develop comprehensive and personalized solutions aimed at customers, employees, suppliers, and business partners.

Brian Chan, CEO of Liferay, expressed his excitement about the alliance with Google Cloud, highlighting the importance of having cutting-edge technological infrastructure for the development of innovative digital solutions. “The integration of our DXP solution with Google Cloud is a logical step that underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation. This will allow our customers to build robust and personalized digital solutions on a single platform backed by the undisputed leader in cloud services,” Chan said.

The Liferay DXP platform stands out for its ability to integrate content management, e-commerce tools, and process automation, facilitating the creation of websites and applications that enhance the customer’s buying and service experience. Its focus on low-code solutions and easily scalable architecture ensures that companies can quickly deploy engaging digital experiences, optimizing their operations and promoting digital transformation.

Igor Arouca, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Liferay, emphasized the importance of the DXP platform as a central element in the digital strategy of any business that aspires to offer exceptional user experiences. “Moving our platform to the cloud not only offers significant savings and reduces total cost of ownership but also accelerates time to market, promotes continuous innovation, and provides the necessary infrastructure to adopt emerging technologies,” Arouca added.

Dai Vu, General Manager of Marketplace and ISV GTM Programs at Google Cloud, highlighted the benefits of including Liferay in the Google Cloud Marketplace. “This addition will make it easier for customers to deploy and manage their DXP solution on the reliable global infrastructure of Google Cloud, accompanying them on their journey towards digital transformation,” Vu emphasized.

The Google Cloud Marketplace provides an intuitive platform for users to quickly deploy software solutions that operate on Google Cloud, eliminating the need for complex manual configurations and speeding up the digitization process.

With this alliance, Liferay Inc. and Google Cloud reaffirm their commitment to technological advancement and innovation, offering organizations the necessary tools to succeed in today’s dynamic digital world.

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