Jose Zamarriego, new ASCOM president

The Spanish Compliance Association (ASCOM) celebrated Compliance Officer Day with an event that registered a “full capacity” at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. More than 500 professionals from across Spain gathered to learn about the latest developments in the industry and highlight the figure of the Compliance Officer. The event featured the participation of prominent experts.

President of the ASCOM Board of Directors, José Zamarriego, welcomed attendees and introduced Gerardo Cuerva Valdivia, President of CEPYME and Vice President of the CEOE, who delivered the inaugural address. During his speech, Cuerva Valdivia discussed the challenges facing small and medium-sized enterprises in the future. He highlighted the smaller size of Spanish SMEs compared to the European average and emphasized the potential economic growth and tax revenues that could result from reaching the European average.

Cuerva Valdivia also pointed out the complexity of the current situation, emphasizing the large number of regional, state, and EU regulations generated in 2022. He called for the rationalization of regulations and stressed the importance of governance in managing the business environment.

Zamarriego highlighted ASCOM as “an association with principles, freedom, and values, aimed at promoting a compliance culture throughout society.” He emphasized the opportunities available and the changing socio-economic challenges the association faces.

During the event, Sylvia Enseñat de Carlos was honored with the title of “Honorary Member” of the association for her leadership over the past ten years, marking the first time such recognition has been granted since the association’s founding.

The event delved into the relevant aspects of the Law regulating the protection of whistleblowers and the fight against corruption, as well as practical discussions on topics such as the role of compliance experts in criminal proceedings and successful case studies from companies like Moody’s Analytics, Iberdrola, and LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

A talk on workplace harassment and sexual harassment’s impact on the company’s reputation and prevention of legal risk for the legal entity was delivered by Concepción Morales Vállez, Substitute Magistrate of the Social Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Madrid.

The event provided valuable insights and perspectives for the compliance industry and demonstrated the commitment to the promotion of compliance culture in Spain.

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