IT and security teams are increasingly coming together in the fight against cyber threats.

Commvault, a leader in cyber-resilience and data protection solutions for hybrid environments, has released a revealing report in collaboration with The Futurum Group. Titled “Overcoming Data Protection Fragmentation for Cyber-Resiliency,” the study surveyed over 200 senior IT executives and C-Suite members in America, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific. The findings highlight a growing trend towards collaboration between ITOps and security teams within organizations.

Breakdown of Barriers between ITOps and Security

The report highlights a significant shift in the working dynamics between ITOps and security departments. Nearly all respondents (99%) indicated that the relationship between these two departments has improved in the past year. Among those who described the relationship as “connected,” 64% stated they have shared objectives for maintaining the security of the company, and 70% reported having joint processes and procedures for daily operations. However, only 48% have established joint processes for mitigating or recovering from an incident.

The report also points out that artificial intelligence (AI) will be a critical factor in security by 2024. Over two-thirds (68%) of respondents believe that AI will enhance their security by identifying and responding to threats more quickly and accurately. Anticipated improvements highlighted by respondents include increased and automated security training for employees, operational efficiency, user authentication and access control, and compliance monitoring and reporting.

Challenges of Data Fragmentation in Cyber-Resilience

The study reveals that the fragmentation of data protection tools remains a significant challenge, negatively impacting the cyber-resilience of organizations. More than 90% of respondents affirm that this fragmentation directly impacts cyber-resilience, and 54% indicate that it hinders cyber-resilience efforts.

Krista Macomber, Research Director at The Futurum Group, emphasizes that using multiple fragmented data protection products can increase costs and complicate management, offering attackers more opportunities for exploitation and slowing down recovery. The report serves as a call to organizations to consider modern platforms that reduce fragmentation, protect a variety of workloads, anticipate threats more quickly, and accelerate response and recovery.

Commvault’s report highlights the growing importance of collaboration between ITOps and security teams to strengthen cyber-resilience. With the adoption of advanced technologies like AI and the implementation of integrated, modern data protection platforms, organizations can significantly enhance their security posture and resilience against the growing sophistication of cyber-attacks.

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