IOMED boosts its product strategy by hiring a Chief Product Officer from Google in the US.

The leading company in Artificial Intelligence applied to health data, IOMED, has announced an exciting appointment that further strengthens its position in the field of data-driven healthcare. Christine Doig-Cardet joins IOMED as their new Chief Product Officer (CPO), bringing extensive experience in developing high-impact products at some of the world’s most important technology companies.

Christine Doig-Cardet comes to IOMED from Google, where she held the position of Product Director at Gmail, one of the most widely used email applications worldwide. During her time at Google, she led key initiatives related to improving user experience and product innovation.

Prior to her work at Google, Christine played a pivotal role in Netflix’s product team, the world’s largest streaming platform for audiovisual content. As a product innovation director, she led teams dedicated to generative artificial intelligence and user experience personalization. Her experience at Netflix contributed to the development of personalized features that make the platform so successful in recommending content to its users.

In addition to her time at Google and Netflix, Christine has a strong background in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. She spent several years working at Anaconda, a leading platform in Python solutions for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Her technical expertise and understanding of the complexities of data science are important assets for the IOMED team.

Christine Doig-Cardet is an industrial engineer graduate from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and holds postgraduate studies in data science and financial markets from the same university. Her strong technical background is combined with her experience in leading highly effective product development teams.

In Christine’s words, “I am thrilled to join such a skilled and innovative team as IOMED’s. I embrace this challenge with enthusiasm and look forward to contributing my experience to IOMED’s strategic positioning in the field of artificial intelligence applied to health.”

Javier de Oca, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of IOMED, expressed his excitement for Christine’s appointment, stating, “Christine’s incorporation will allow us to enhance the value we bring to our customers and partners, always maintaining our values and positive impact on patients.”

The appointment of Christine Doig-Cardet as CPO of IOMED represents a significant step in the company’s evolution and reinforces its commitment to leading the way in data-driven healthcare and artificial intelligence applied to health. With her extensive experience and technical skills, Christine is expected to play a key role in developing innovative products that drive the healthcare industry forward.

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