InterCloud strengthens its presence in Spain by adding connectivity to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud in Madrid.

Madrid positions itself in the center of innovation in cloud connectivity thanks to the recent expansion of InterCloud, the leading provider of software-defined cloud interconnection (SDCI) in Europe. This advancement responds to the increasing demand for flexibility by Spanish companies, who are seeking greater control over their data storage and workload management. Currently, 45% of companies in Spain have already implemented hybrid cloud strategies, a sector in which InterCloud plays a crucial role by offering agile and flexible enterprise connectivity solutions with tech giants like AWS, Google, Azure, and Microsoft.

The latest strategic move by InterCloud includes the addition of connectivity to Oracle Sovereign Cloud in Madrid, expanding its interconnection offerings to local regions of major public cloud providers. This expansion strengthens InterCloud’s position as the key partner for companies looking to develop highly complex multicloud hybrid environments in Spain.

According to the “State of Cloud in Spain 2023” report, 75% of organizations in the country consider their cloud infrastructures essential for achieving the required business agility. Since 2018, InterCloud has maintained a strategic alliance with Oracle and is a FastConnect partner, providing its clients with cloud connectivity capabilities, flexibility, and regulatory expertise to navigate the complexity of modern multicloud environments.

“We have been ahead of the market, offering the necessary interconnectivity for companies to operate efficiently in Spain and the EU,” states Alejandro Gutiérrez Millán, Commercial Director for Southern Europe at InterCloud.

With a growing Spanish market and IDC Spain’s forecast estimating a revenue of €5.825 billion in the public cloud environment by 2024, InterCloud focuses on simplifying connectivity between different cloud environments, data centers, and branch offices. This translates into high performance and security, while reducing costs and improving productivity, providing a flexible and scalable solution for businesses.

With a specialized team and presence in France, the Netherlands, and Spain, InterCloud is committed to designing adaptive network architectures, supporting global enterprises in their transition towards more efficient and productive cloud strategies. Collaboration with major Cloud providers highlights its leadership in the sector, ensuring that Spanish companies are well-equipped to face the challenges of an increasingly complex digital world.

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