HolaMOBI consolidates as a leader in the mobile phone franchise market.

HelloMOBI, one of the leading telecommunications platforms in Spain known for its flexible rates, competitive prices, and wide range of services, has experienced steady growth in its franchise network. Under the leadership of Ibai Unibaso, the brand has become an attractive option in the mobile phone market.

In order to continue its expansion, HelloMOBI has established a strategic alliance with Tormo Franquicias Consulting. The group aims to position itself as a preferred option for investors and entrepreneurs in 2024, offering an innovative and profitable business model in the telecommunications sector.

The HelloMOBI phone franchise stands out for its efficiency and profitability. Franchisees can access small Prime locations, which maximizes visibility and attracts a wide audience. Additionally, they offer financing agreements and access to the sector’s main suppliers, allowing them to offer a variety of services and generate additional income.

A standout feature of HelloMOBI is the flexibility they provide to franchisees, including the absence of a mandatory initial stock volume. They also do not impose royalties based on billing volume, allowing franchisees to enjoy comprehensive benefits in the event of achieving high recurring billing with minimal fixed monthly payments.

With expansion plans throughout the country, HelloMOBI is seeking individuals interested in joining its growing network of franchises. Ibai Unibaso stated, “Our sustained growth and positive results in terms of billing are clear evidence of the success of our franchise model. We are committed to providing continuous support to our franchisees and to innovating in our sector to continue leading the mobile phone market.”

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