Global spending on cloud services is increasing by 16% and showing signs of stabilization.

The global cloud infrastructure services market has seen a remarkable 16% growth in the third quarter of 2023, reaching an investment of $73.5 billion. According to a study by Canalys, this increase aligns with the pace of the previous quarter, signaling a stabilization phase in the sector. Despite cuts in enterprise IT spending, the impact on the cloud services market is decreasing.

Dominance of Major Providers and the Push for Artificial Intelligence

The three cloud giants – AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud – have experienced a combined growth of 20%, slightly outperforming the market average and accounting for 65% of total spending. AWS has maintained its previous performance, while Microsoft Azure has seen an increase in its growth rate. On the other hand, Google Cloud has experienced a decline in the third quarter of 2023.

The growing demand for AI solutions is offsetting the reduction in IT spending, strengthening the cloud market. Companies are investing in cloud computing to support AI strategies, generating a new momentum in the sector.

Partnership Programs Focused on AI

Microsoft is gaining ground in the commercialization of its AI products, as evidenced by the launch of Copilot, which has garnered significant interest. AI Gen is expected to become a key growth engine in the future. AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud have launched partnership programs focused on AI, with Google Cloud introducing its Generative AI Partner Initiative to encourage enterprise adoption of its AI solutions.

Overview of Major Providers

– AWS continues to lead with 31% of the market, showing a 12% year-over-year growth.
– Microsoft Azure holds the second position with 25% of the market, and its growth rate has increased by 29%.
– Google Cloud has 10% of the market, with an annual growth of 24%, although below expectations due to measures to cut enterprise expenses.

Presence and Evolution in Spain

In Spain, companies like Stackscale stand out in the infrastructure and private cloud market, offering solutions such as bare-metal and advanced network storage. In addition to their data centers in Madrid and Amsterdam, Stackscale is actively working to expand their offering of servers with GPUs for AI applications, representing a significant advancement in high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.

The global trend shows a market in transition towards greater maturity and stability, where AI becomes a key component for enterprise digital transformation and technological innovation.

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