Fujitsu Spain opens an expert center in computer solutions for precision personalized medicine.

Fujitsu España announces the creation of an Expert Center for Precision Personalized Medicine IT Solutions. This center aims to promote and develop solutions that connect genomics with clinical practice. Solutions that are intended to be promoted include tools to expedite genomic analysis and the design of Data Lakes in the healthcare field, powered by artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis. The investment in this project aims for these solutions to be applied globally and commercialized in all regions where the company operates.

These solutions will play a crucial role in precision medicine, which seeks to develop personalized treatments based on specific biomarkers for each patient, offering more effective therapies with the least possible toxicity. In addition, precision medicine has the potential to reduce treatment failure rates and alleviate the economic burden on healthcare systems, which represents a significant challenge for Europe in the healthcare field.

The Expert Center for Precision Personalized Medicine IT Solutions is already actively working on various real-life cases with clients in the healthcare sector. This center brings together a multidisciplinary team of over 20 professionals specialized in bioinformatics, genomic data analysis, supercomputing, artificial intelligence applied to natural language processing, and machine learning, among other related areas. Its main objective is to closely collaborate with research and innovation institutions, hospitals, and healthcare professionals to ensure that the solutions are applicable and relevant in the real world.

Julio del Valle, director of the healthcare and life sciences business at Fujitsu Spain, stated, “At Fujitsu, we want to contribute to the digital transformation towards a more person-centered and Precision Personalized Medicine (M5P) oriented care model, with solutions that help improve the patient experience, involve them more in self-care, implement precision medicine, and improve the efficiency and cybersecurity of clinical-care processes.”

Experts in various disciplines highlight the potential of precision personalized medicine as an engine for efficiency and sustainability in the healthcare system. Its application, for example, in oncology, could generate significant savings by preventing costly medical attention due to complications from ineffective treatments or avoidable side effects.

In this context, Fujitsu is firmly committed to contributing to the sustainability of healthcare systems by facilitating their digital transformation towards a model that incorporates precision personalized medicine.

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