Fritz!OS: The Smart Heart of AVM Routers

In the digital era, routers have become another member of families, facilitating connectivity and smart home management. Finding a device that offers optimal performance, security, and ease of use is not an easy task. This is where Fritz!OS stands out, the operating system of the German manufacturer AVM’s routers, conceived as the intelligent heart of its devices.

Fritz!OS is the engine that drives AVM’s routers, providing a practical interface that allows users to manage their local network with the most advanced technology. This operating system offers a perfect balance between simple handling and high-value features, making it an essential tool for users and technological partners.

The latest update of the operating system, FRITZ!OS 7.80, introduces a series of improvements and new features for several models of FRITZ!Box, including the 5590 Fiber, 5530 Fiber, 7590 AX, and 7530 AX. Among the main novelties are:

1. New Connectivity Overview: The user interface now presents a detailed view of fiber optic connectivity, making network configuration and management easier.
2. Detailed Information by Email: The function of sending detailed information about fiber optic connection via the “FRITZ!Box Info” push mail service has been added.
3. Simplified Configuration: The update simplifies the configuration of the connection to a fiber optic modem (ONT) and displays the Ethernet connection speed between LAN 1/WAN and the modem.
4. Security and Stability Improvements: Updates have been implemented to further protect devices and improve their stability.
5. Enhanced Interoperability: Compatibility with various remote fiber optic sites has been optimized.
6. Restructured Overview: The DSL overview in FRITZ!Box has been improved, and presets for upload and download values for internet connection with an external modem have been adjusted.
7. IPv6 and DNSSEC Fixes: Issues with IPv6 configuration and DNSSEC validation have been addressed, in addition to increasing robustness in time determination (NTP).
8. New Options for Providers: The new provider “Odido” can now be selected in the Netherlands, and the option to postpone the provider’s automatic connection clear has been extended.
9. Performance Optimization: Problematic situations with Meta Quest 2/3 virtual reality headsets have been improved, and Wi-Fi performance has been optimized.
10. Increased Stability: Issues with parallel calls and disconnections at certain mobile sites have been resolved, enhancing the overall stability of telephony.
11. Faster User Interface: The FRITZ!Box user interface loading times have been optimized for internet access via LAN 1/WAN.

FRITZ!OS not only introduces new functionalities but also reinforces the security and stability of FRITZ!Box devices. With these improvements, AVM continues its commitment to offering a perfect balance between advanced technology and ease of use, ensuring its users a superior local network experience.

AVM’s routers, equipped with FRITZ!OS, provide users with powerful tools to manage their connectivity efficiently and securely. From improving interoperability to offering simplified configuration, FRITZ!OS 7.80 sets a new standard in home and business network management.

Fritz!OS positions itself as the intelligent heart of AVM’s routers, offering a unique combination of innovation and ease of use. The latest update, FRITZ!OS 7.80, reinforces this commitment with a series of improvements that ensure an unparalleled user experience. With these tools, AVM continues to lead the way in the evolution of network technology, providing solutions that adapt to the changing needs of modern users.

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