Ewent and DMI Computer announce their commercial agreement for the distribution of their full range of products.

The leading company in the manufacturing of peripheral accessories for laptops and tablets, Ewent, has reached a commercial agreement with DMI Computer, a computer wholesaler, to become the official distributor of all its products.

Ewent has been standing out for offering products of the highest quality, as well as for betting on innovation. Thanks to their work, the company has become a key player in the technology market, offering a wide range of products that includes storage solutions and ergonomic accessories for all types of portable devices.

On the other hand, DMI Computer, with its extensive distribution network and experience in the logistics of technological products, has been a key figure in the computer wholesale market. Their ability to reach a wide customer base and their reputation for excellent customer service make DMI Computer the ideal partner for this collaboration.

The agreement signed between Ewent and DMI Computer includes the distribution of the entire range of Ewent products, guaranteeing greater availability of these innovative products in multiple markets. This move will not only expand the reach of Ewent, but also strengthen the position of DMI Computer as a leading distributor of quality technological solutions.

This collaboration is designed to benefit both companies. Ewent will benefit from DMI Computer’s extensive distribution channel and logistics experience, while DMI Computer will expand its product portfolio with high-quality and in-demand accessories. Additionally, consumers will benefit from easier access to Ewent products, known for their durability and innovative design.

“This agreement with DMI Computer marks an exciting and significant milestone for Ewent in Spain. We are delighted to partner with such a respected and capable distributor, whose proven excellence in technology distribution perfectly complements our vision of offering innovative and high-quality products to a wider audience. We are confident that this partnership will not only expand our reach in the market, but also strengthen our promise to deliver exceptional technological solutions that enrich the digital experience of our users. We look forward to a fruitful and lasting collaboration with DMI Computer, setting new standards in the sector and taking customer satisfaction to new heights,” stated Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez, Country Manager Spain & Portugal.

This agreement represents a significant step forward in the growth and expansion strategy of both companies. With the shared commitment to offering high-quality products and exceptional service, Ewent and DMI Computer are well positioned to lead the market for accessories and peripherals for portable devices. Looking to the future, this alliance promises to be a catalyst for new innovations and successes in the technology sector.

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