Digital Transformation in Spanish Companies: A path towards innovation and competitiveness

The digital era has transformed the global business landscape, and Spain is no exception. With an impressive 66% of Spanish companies ready to start their digital transformation by 2024, the country positions itself as a leader in the adoption of emerging technologies. This article delves into the findings of the Think Digital Report, conducted by Inesdi Business Techschool, revealing how Spanish companies are responding to the challenges and opportunities of digitalization.

Innovation in Progress: Response of Spanish Companies

The third edition of the Think Digital Report by Inesdi Business Techschool shows a growing commitment from Spanish companies towards innovation. Faced with new competitors and business models, 66% have decided to embark on digital transformation this year. However, they face obstacles such as investment and the current business culture. In contrast, in Latin America, the challenge is even greater due to the digital divide and competition from already digitalized foreign companies.

Digitalization as a Competitive Advantage

Spain leads in the adoption of digital technologies in the Hispanic sphere, with 71% of companies immersed in digital transformation processes. 64% of these organizations started their transformation more than a year ago, indicating maturity in the process. The adoption of methodologies such as Design Thinking and cultural agility are evidence of this evolution.

Digital Transformation on Business Agendas

By 2023, 70% of Spanish companies already had digital experts, prioritizing business growth as the main goal of their digital transformation. In addition, social media, Big Data, Analytics, and generative artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT and DeepMind, are the most used technologies.

Common Challenges and Key Strategies

The lack of skills and knowledge in the digital transformation process are common challenges. Inesdi Business Techschool emphasizes the importance of developing a digital culture and specialized training to overcome these obstacles. Additionally, it highlights the need to establish a clear digital purpose and vision to guide the organization.

Capitalizing on Investment in Continuous Training

Inesdi Business Techschool offers training programs that prepare professionals for the challenges of digitalization. Programs like the Master in Digital Transformation and Innovation and the Master in Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence are key in this aspect.

In summary, digital transformation is an imminent reality in the Spanish business fabric. The Inesdi Business Techschool report reveals a landscape of active adaptation and commitment to innovation. Continuous training and the adoption of new methodologies are essential to maintain competitiveness and respond to a dynamic environment. Digital transformation is not just a trend, but an urgent necessity for companies seeking to thrive in the digital era.

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