Digital transformation in an insurance company through Infrastructure and Private Cloud

A leading insurance company in Spain has taken a significant step in its digital transformation process by migrating its IT infrastructure to a new colocation and digital infrastructure provider, specialized in private cloud and data center solutions. Previously, this company had its own IT infrastructure, which required a considerable investment in technological updates and maintenance. The shift to an outsourced and modernized infrastructure represents a key advancement in its adaptation to current and future technological demands.

Migration Project

The insurance company, which previously operated with its own IT infrastructure, required a major technological upgrade and continuous maintenance. The solution found was the complete migration of its local infrastructure to data centers located in Madrid. This operation includes the digitization of a portion of the infrastructure in the georeplicated private cloud with the cloud provider, while another critical part will be maintained in housing solutions managed by the client.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

The modernization of the insurance company’s systems will bring several key benefits, such as:

Continuous System Modernization: Progressive update of the data center and virtualization solutions as technology evolves.

Shift in Spending Model: Transition from a capital expenditure (Capex) model to an operating expenditure (Opex) model, allowing greater financial flexibility.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Access to the largest global interconnection platform with leading telecommunications companies in Spain and the world. This will enable connections with payment gateways, banking entities, and major telecommunications and cloud service providers.

Impact on Company Strategy and Operations

This strategic change will not only provide a significant technological advancement but will also allow the insurance company to save resources in managing virtual infrastructure and the data center. Additionally, it can redirect these resources to generate greater value for the business.


The decision of the insurance company to migrate its IT infrastructure to a specialized provider in infrastructure and private cloud is a clear example of adaptation and evolution in the digital age. This strategic move not only optimizes operations and reduces costs but also enhances the company’s ability to adapt to constantly changing technological and market demands. With this step, the company positions itself to continue its leadership in the insurance sector, maximizing the value of its operations and services for its clients.

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