Detecting Spyware on Corporate Mobile Devices: Key to Business Security

In the business world, corporate mobile phones have become essential work tools for their utility and convenience. However, this convenience comes with a significant risk: the threat of spyware. Check Point Research, a global leader in cybersecurity, highlights the importance of being alert to this type of cyber threat, which can be as damaging as any other and has recently affected high-ranking officials in the Spanish government.

Spyware is malicious software that is installed on a mobile phone without the user’s knowledge and is difficult to detect. This type of malware can infiltrate devices through seemingly secure applications or via malicious links in phishing emails. An even more insidious variant is “zero-click” malware, which exploits vulnerabilities in the device’s operating system without any action from the user.

The presence of spyware on corporate mobile devices not only compromises the security of the company, but also puts sensitive and personal data at risk, allowing attackers to steal information and monitor phone activity. This can lead to significant economic losses for the company and damage its reputation.

To prevent the threat of spyware, several measures are recommended:

  1. Software Updates: Keeping mobile software constantly updated is crucial, as updates often include security bug fixes.
  2. Cybersecurity Training: It is vital that employees receive training to identify suspicious applications and phishing emails.
  3. Robust Security Policies: Companies should establish comprehensive security policies for the use of mobile devices, controlling the installation of applications and the use of public WiFi networks.
  4. Advanced Security Solutions: Implementing effective security solutions is essential to prevent and control spyware effectively.

Check Point Harmony Mobile is an example of an advanced solution from Check Point Software that protects corporate mobile devices from spyware. This comprehensive solution focuses on various aspects of mobile threats, providing comprehensive defense.

Eusebio Nieva, Technical Director of Check Point Software for Spain and Portugal, emphasizes the importance of awareness and the adoption of quality solutions: “The use of corporate phones improves the company’s productivity, but we must also be aware of threats like spyware. This not only affects the functioning of the phone, but can cause serious damage to the company.”

In summary, vigilance and prevention are crucial to protect corporate mobile devices from spyware. Companies must take a proactive approach to ensure the security of their data and operations, implementing robust security practices and advanced solutions.

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