Dell powers the world’s largest automated port in Singapore with multicloud.

Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) plays a crucial role in the development of Tuas Port by PSA Singapore (PSA), the world’s largest fully automated, intelligent, and sustainable port, planned for the 2040s. PSA, a leader in port operations and supply chain solutions in Singapore, is adopting a multicloud approach with Dell’s solutions to revolutionize port operations and create an intelligent logistics ecosystem to help PSA improve operational efficiency and increase its capacity to handle large cargo volumes.

PSA seeks to elevate Singapore’s global status and transform its logistics landscape. This transformation journey with Dell Technologies is expected to increase the port’s handling capacity to 65 million units, almost double the 37 million handled in 2022.

Central to this initiative is the need for a modernized and sustainable supply chain that can address high-performance processing needs, such as big data analytics. Dell Technologies supported PSA with the integration of a multicloud foundation, crucial for accelerating time to market for cargo and helping PSA navigate the complexities of modern logistics. Furthermore, it advances PSA’s ambition to establish an ecosystem of interconnected communities with interoperability through a global “Internet of Logistics” (IoL) initiative. Companies within the ecosystem will be able to seamlessly share applications and data services.

“Dell Technologies is committed to driving technological innovations that redefine industries and create sustainable solutions for the future,” said Andy Sim, Vice President and General Manager of Dell Technologies in Singapore. “Together with PSA, Singapore is becoming a crucial hub for maritime and air cargo, paving the way for expanded route options for global shipping companies.”

Innovation and Efficiency Unleashed with Dell

Multicloud helps organizations unlock first-class capabilities to manage their data in public and private clouds with agility. The technological backbone of PSA’s initiative includes a series of Dell Technologies solutions, including Dell VxRail, complemented by Dell Unity XT and Dell PowerScale storage systems. Dell Technologies also collaborates with partners like VMware to design a software-defined data center (SDDC) with multicloud capabilities for PSA.

The integrated solution increases the flexibility and scalability of PSA’s IT infrastructure. With more configurations and fully flash nodes, it not only doubles the storage capacity but also harnesses data to support a wide range of applications, including those powered by AI. Some of these workloads include hands-free container loading and unloading, port traffic trend analysis, and the ability to predict vessel movements and detect critical congestion points in Singapore’s waters.

Under this partnership, PSA is equipped with centralized, on-demand access to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) options applicable with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), Dell Unity XT, and Dell PowerScale storage solutions.

“PSA employees can now deploy PaaS and SaaS with unprecedented ease, regardless of location, and gain greater insight, control, and access to virtualized platforms,” added Andy. “These Dell solutions translate to increased data usage, hardware utilization, and greater operational efficiency.”

With the implementation of SDDC and added flexibility and automation, the mega port’s IT staff can focus on innovation to stay competitive. Adopting a multicloud platform strategy with Dell Technologies has played a vital role in accelerating deployment times for new products and software from months to weeks, a testament to their increased operational agility.

Dell Technologies’ enduring partnership with PSA paves the way for ongoing collaboration as they expand their multicloud strategy and use of AI-driven applications to better predict and analyze port traffic, resulting in faster docking times and reduced fuel consumption.

“Working closely with technology partners like Dell Technologies, PSA seeks to create an ecosystem of connected logistics operating platforms, enabling plug-and-play exchange and interoperability among our logistics and supply chain partners,” said Sriram Ramanujam, Assistant Vice President of PSA. “Dell’s experience working with global companies across a variety of industries and complex environments allows us to build resilience, agility, and scalability as we continue our vision to be a supply chain orchestrator, realize the Internet of Logistics, and sustainably drive the flow of trade.”

As PSA’s ambitions to become a global leader in maritime logistics and environmental sustainability continue to take shape, Dell Technologies remains committed to working hand in hand with like-minded partners such as PSA to push boundaries, drive innovation, and promote transformational solutions that redefine industries and establish new standards of excellence.

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