Commvault Cloud: The first cloud platform for cyber resilience in the hybrid enterprise

In a digital world where data is at the heart of all business operations, cybersecurity and resilience are more critical than ever. Commvault, a leader in data protection and management solutions, has taken a step forward with the launch of Commvault Cloud, the first cloud platform specifically designed to strengthen cyber resilience in hybrid enterprise environments.

The Need for a Unified Platform
The growing complexity of IT infrastructures and the proliferation of cyber-attacks such as ransomware demand a solution that can offer comprehensive protection and rapid recovery. Commvault Cloud is presented as a response to these needs, integrating all of the company’s SaaS and software offerings into a single platform, providing centralized visibility and control through a single panel.

Innovation and Metallic AI Technology
This new platform incorporates Metallic AI technology, providing users with advanced tools to anticipate threats, perform efficient recoveries, and accelerate response times to cyber-attacks. Furthermore, Commvault Cloud minimizes total cost of ownership, a crucial factor for many businesses.

Arlie: Commvault’s AI Assistant
One of the most innovative components of Commvault Cloud is Arlie, a 24/7 AI assistant capable of interacting with AI generative models to consolidate information and generate personalized responses. Arlie integrates with Azure OpenAI Service and is capable of tasks such as verifying recovery points or generating code efficiently and quickly.

Key Features of Commvault Cloud
– Active Information: Real-time threat analysis and report summaries to prioritize the most relevant information.
– Code Assistance: Creating integrations or action codes in a “no-code” format.
– Personalized Walkthroughs: Step-by-step guides for configuring and customizing Commvault Cloud.
– Root Cause Correction: Constant performance monitoring to optimize cyber resilience.

Advancements in AI and Security
Commvault has directly encoded significant advancements in AI and security into the platform, including:
– Advanced Threat Prediction: Predictive analysis to identify AI-driven ransomware.
– Cloudburst Recovery: Improving business continuity with infrastructure-as-code and cloud scaling for rapid recoveries.

Strategic Collaborations
Commvault has integrated its cyber resilience technology with advanced security and data intelligence capabilities from leading organizations in cybersecurity, AI, and cloud. These collaborations seek to provide additional tools to effectively detect, protect, and respond to threats and attacks.

The Future of Cyber Resilience
Commvault Cloud represents a significant advancement in data protection and management in the era of cyber resilience. By merging advanced AI capabilities with robust data protection and rapid recovery, Commvault is at the forefront of IT security innovation.

In summary, Commvault Cloud emerges as a comprehensive solution for businesses navigating the complex world of cybersecurity and data management. By integrating advanced technology, AI, and strategic collaborations, this platform offers a unique value proposition for businesses of all sizes and sectors. With Commvault Cloud, organizations can expect not only to protect their data but also to improve their ability to quickly recover from incidents, thus maintaining business continuity and the confidence of their customers.

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