Commvault appoints Melissa Hathaway as Chair of the Cyber Resilience Council

Commvault has announced a noteworthy addition to its leadership team. Melissa Hathaway will be joining Commvault as a strategic advisor and chair of the newly created Commvault Cyber Resilience Council. This move comes at a crucial time as cybersecurity and cyber resilience have become essential priorities for businesses in an increasingly digital world.

Hathaway is a respected figure in the fields of politics and cybersecurity, with extensive experience in both the private and public sectors. She currently serves as the president of Hathaway Global Strategies, where she advises Fortune 500 companies on cybersecurity, enterprise risk management, and technology. Her expertise includes advising clients on emerging cyber threats, government policies, regulations, and other critical cybersecurity-related matters.

What makes Melissa Hathaway’s arrival at Commvault particularly significant is her distinguished track record in the United States government. She has worked in two presidential administrations, leading the Cyberspace Policy Review for President Barack Obama and the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative for President George W. Bush. For her leadership and significant contribution, she has been honored with the National Intelligence Reform Medal and the National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation.

In addition to her work at the national level, Hathaway has extensively collaborated with international institutions, including NATO, the International Telecommunication Union, the Organization of American States, and the World Bank. Her commitment to cybersecurity and cyber resilience has led her to collaborate with renowned academic institutions such as Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and the School of Public Service at Canada, among others.

In her new role at Commvault, Melissa Hathaway will lead the Cyber Resilience Council, playing a key role in guiding the company’s business strategies and promoting best practices in cyber resilience. The creation of this council underscores Commvault’s emphasis on cybersecurity and its commitment to continuous improvement in this field.

“I am thrilled to serve as a strategic advisor to Commvault and work with members of the Cyber Resilience Council,” expressed Hathaway. “In an era of relentless and escalating cyber threats, the need for resilience has never been more imperative. Commvault plays a leading role in helping businesses detect, respond, and, if necessary, quickly recover from attacks. I look forward to continuing to work with Commvault to advance global organizational resilience.”

Commvault President and CEO Sanjay Mirchandani also expressed his excitement about Hathaway’s addition to the company. “We are thrilled to have Melissa Hathaway, a true luminary in the field of cybersecurity, at the helm of our Cyber Resilience Council,” stated Mirchandani. “Her deep expertise, combined with our mission, will undoubtedly help Commvault continue to pave the way towards a safer and more resilient digital future.”

This announcement underscores Commvault’s commitment to strengthening its focus on cybersecurity and cyber resilience, and the collaboration with Melissa Hathaway is expected to provide valuable direction and leadership in this critical field as organizations continue to face increasingly complex security challenges in the digital era.

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