Cisco and WEF: A Shared Commitment to Positive Transformation

Within the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, the brightest minds gather to address the most urgent global challenges. Cisco, as a leader in security and connectivity solutions, actively participates in this meeting, aligning its efforts with WEF initiatives in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), security, sustainability, and education.

Commitment to Innovation and Digital Transformation

Under the guidance of Dr. Guy Diedrich, SVP and Global Innovation Officer, Cisco has shown a strong commitment to solving global problems through its Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program. Working with governments from 50 countries, the CDA seeks to drive national digital transformation. Similar to WEF, which promotes global solutions, Cisco focuses on addressing challenges at both the micro and national levels.

AI and Ethics at the Core of Discussions

The rapid development of AI is one of the focus areas at WEF, where Cisco, through its expertise in AI applications, contributes to the ethical and diverse development of this technology. Cisco’s focus on diversity in developing AI is crucial to avoid biases and ensure a fair and equitable technology.

Training and Security in the Digital Age

Cisco Networking Academy, led by Diedrich, plays a crucial role in training young people from diverse backgrounds in technology and STEM, essential for addressing the issue of bias in AI. In terms of security, the significant deficit of professional skills in this field is addressed by programs like Networking Academy and Skills for All, preparing the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

Sustainability: An Increasing Priority

Cisco’s CDA program has witnessed a radical shift in the prioritization of sustainability among global leaders. In just five years, sustainability has become a priority for all countries involved in the program, with multiple projects underway to address this global challenge.

Innovative Collaboration with the OECD

In collaboration with the OECD’s Wise Center, Cisco is developing a “Digital Well-being Center” to study the effects of digital transformation on people’s well-being. This project is part of Cisco’s initiative to positively impact one billion lives, a goal that has already been surpassed.

Vision for 2024: Connecting the Unconnected

Looking to the future, Cisco aspires to expand its EDGE Centers in sub-Saharan Africa and continue its mission to connect the unconnected. In this digital era, Cisco views connectivity as a fundamental human right, essential to ensure access to healthcare, education, and opportunities.

In summary, at the next Davos meeting in 2024, Cisco hopes to highlight its achievements in expanding EDGE Centers and connecting underserved populations, reaffirming its commitment to a more connected and sustainable world. With initiatives like these, Cisco demonstrates its alignment with WEF’s objectives and its dedication to positive transformation and global technological progress.

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