Check Point Software introduces Infinity AI Copilot

The company Check Point® Software Technologies has just announced the launch of the first generation of Infinity AI Copilot, a technology that combines AI with cloud technology.

“With Infinity AI Copilot, we are ushering in a new era of cybersecurity where human-machine collaboration takes center stage,” says Eyal Manor, vice president of product management at Check Point Software Technologies. “Our mission is to enable security professionals to work in harmony with AI efficiently and accurately. We are betting on a future where security is no longer a challenge, but an integral part of corporate operations.”

Cybersecurity has never been more complicated: ransomware increased by 90% in 2023, and companies experienced an average of 60,000 cyberattacks throughout the year. At the same time, the lack of qualified professionals globally makes managing networks and data challenging. Based on 30 years of end-to-end cybersecurity intelligence, Infinity AI Copilot becomes a powerful ally for cybersecurity teams.

Powered by Generative AI (GenAI), Infinity AI Copilot acts as an administrative and analytical assistant that automates complex security tasks and provides proactive solutions to cyber threats. It significantly reduces the time spent on routine tasks, allowing security teams to focus on strategic innovation. It seamlessly integrates within the Check Point Infinity platform, from endpoints to the network, to the cloud, and beyond.

– Speeds up security administration: Infinity AI Copilot saves up to 90% of the time spent on security administrative tasks, including event analysis, deployment, and issue resolution. This allows cybersecurity professionals to dedicate more time to strategic innovation.
– Manages and deploys security policies: It automatically manages, modifies, and deploys specific access rules and security controls for each client’s policy.
– Enhances incident mitigation and response: It leverages AI in searching, analyzing, and resolving threats.
– Monitors all solutions and the environment: AI Copilot monitors all products across the Check Point Infinity platform, from the network to the cloud and workspace, making it a comprehensive assistant.
– Simple natural language processing: Interacting with Infinity AI Copilot GenAI is as natural as talking to a human. It understands and responds via chat in any language to facilitate communication and task execution.

“Through AI and automation, Check Point Infinity AI Copilot seeks to deliver better cybersecurity outcomes by reducing administrative tasks such as incident analysis and issue resolution, while providing enhanced security through improved security policies, threat detection, mitigation, and remediation,” says Frank Dickson, vice president of IDC’s Security & Trust Group.

Unlike some existing AI solutions on the market, Infinity AI Copilot offers comprehensive coverage with capabilities that go beyond threat analysis and include access and IT policy management. It stands out for its accessibility and practical application compared to conceptual solutions offered by certain competitors. Planned updates include autonomous policy management and proactive assistance.

This cutting-edge technology represents a significant advancement in the field of cybersecurity, offering businesses a powerful tool to combat the increasing complexity of cyber threats and attacks. Check Point’s commitment to human-machine collaboration sets a new standard for cybersecurity solutions in the digital age.

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