Broadcom revolutionizes the industry with the first switch that integrates a neural network on the chip.

In a game-changing announcement that is shaking up the networking technology industry, Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ: AVGO) has revealed its latest breakthrough: the Trident 5-X12, a revolutionary Ethernet switch that incorporates a neural network on the chip. This pioneering achievement translates to a significant increase in bandwidth, reduced power consumption, and a host of innovative features that will change the way networks are managed.

The Trident 5-X12 is a milestone in the evolution of Ethernet switches. Equipped with the advanced NetGNT (Neural Network-driven General-purpose Network Traffic Analyzer), this switch is capable of making real-time decisions to optimize network performance. Unlike traditional approaches that process packets one by one, NetGNT can analyze traffic patterns across the entire network, allowing for proactive congestion management and exceptional network performance.

“We are taking innovation in the networking industry to the next level,” said Ram Velaga, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Broadcom’s Central Switching Group. “The Trident 5-X12 is the most power-efficient Top of Rack (ToR) switch on the market, while also adding cutting-edge features that our customers expect from an innovation leader like Broadcom.”

Key features of the Trident 5-X12 include:

Double the Bandwidth: With a capacity of 16.0 Terabits per second, the Trident 5-X12 offers twice the bandwidth of its predecessor, the Trident 4-X9. This makes it an ideal choice for AI and machine learning data centers.

Support for 800G Ports: The switch is compatible with 800G ports, allowing direct connections to the latest AI and machine learning data centers using Broadcom’s Tomahawk 5 as the backbone.

Energy Efficiency: The Trident 5-X12 consumes 25% less power per 400G port than leading switches in the market, resulting in significant savings in operating costs.

AI on the Chip: The inclusion of NetGNT enables real-time intelligent decision-making to better manage traffic and avoid congestion.

Advanced Telemetry: The switch offers enhanced telemetry capabilities, providing real-time insights into network operations that can be used to train NetGNT and further optimize performance.

NPL Compatibility: The Trident 5-X12 is fully programmable using Network Programming Language (NPL), allowing field upgrades to add new features such as telemetry, security, and traffic engineering.

Support for SONiC and SAI: Facilitates integration into data center operational frameworks.

This technological breakthrough is already available, as Broadcom has begun shipping Trident 5-X12 devices to qualified customers. This innovative switch marks a significant milestone in the evolution of networks and promises to transform the way organizations manage their network operations.

About Broadcom: Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ: AVGO) is a global technology leader that designs, develops, and supplies a broad range of semiconductor solutions, enterprise software, and security solutions. Broadcom’s product portfolio spans critical markets, including cloud, data centers, networking, broadband, wireless, storage, industrial, and enterprise software. Broadcom’s solutions include networking and storage for service providers and enterprises, mobile and broadband connectivity, mainframe, cybersecurity, and private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Broadcom is a Delaware corporation with its headquarters in San Jose, California.

This innovation has been praised by industry experts:

Michael KT Lee, Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Accton Technology, said: “Broadcom continues to innovate in Ethernet networking with the introduction of NetGNT technology in its leading Trident 5 product line.”

Dennis Cai, Head of Global Network Infrastructure, Alibaba Cloud, noted: “Broadcom’s Trident product family has long been an integral part of our Predictable Network Infrastructure.”

Feng Luo, Head of Network Systems, ByteDance, expressed: “We are excited to embrace the release of the Broadcom Trident-X5, a product that not only meets our 800G network requirements, but also doubles the access density.”

Steve Dorwart, Vice President of Solutions for Service Providers, Celestica, stated: “Celestica is proud to continue our long-standing collaboration with Broadcom to bring cutting-edge Ethernet switching technology to market.”

These accolades highlight the importance and impact of the introduction of the Trident 5-X12 in the networking industry, promising to transform the way network operations are managed worldwide.

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